LEDs, Strips, and Controllers #10: FlexLED By MOSS LED 

  In previous parts, we have been described the history from the LED Inventing, beginning with different discrete parts, few Variant of LED strips, to digitally individually pixel controlled RGB strips and discrete RGB Dots.

  The Technologies are also growing. As logical continuing the related topic, we prepared for you new finds.

  Today we will present you two newline products, freshly announced by Canadian Manufacturer MOSS LED at NAB2017: FLEX LED series LED strips.

  MOSS LED & NAB2017

  FLEXLED 210 RGB+WW+CW 24V: I24VRGBWCW305610505050


Few words about  MOSS LED 

  MossLED is UL Listed leading edge LEDs Design Manufacturer. The Target niche areas of the top-quality LED designed products is specifically for cinema, filmmaking industry and television. 

List of products:

  • MOSS FlexLED tapes,
  • High TLCI 95+ & 24V- Daylite, Tungsten tape,
  • High CRI 94-99 stripes,
  • Bi-Color-3000K-5600K Tape (Color temp adjustable-no green spike),
  • LED Neon Strips,
  • RGB-A tapes,
  • Diffused LEDs for Indoor or Outdoor waterproof applications,
  • Multiline flexible LED panels with different area’s densities, lengths, and widths,
  • LED Kits for professional lighting technician,
  • Variants of traditional fluorescent LED replacement – Economic and 35,000 hours reliability,
  • Compact LED DMX and handheld dimmers working on high 24kHz frequency, allowing the flicker free and reliable work with every camera up to 240fps,
  • DMX Controllers: Wireless DMX, Smartphone DMX Control,
  • Standard and Custom Embedded Battery Packs,
  • Connectors: 
    • Ethernet to DMX connectors,
    • locking cables for FlexLED,
  • Led Strips Accessories: many kinds of Aluminium Channels.

 Site: www.MOSSLED.COM




Manufacturer Code:  I24VRGBWCW305610505050

  This MOSSLED’s All-new 2017 product integrates three different LED arrays in one single slightly wider than the regular LED strips device:

  The RGB, The Warm White – 3000K, The Cool White – 5500K.

  The idea to be integrated together three different light source system into one physical tape is great. This LED Strip allows you to create unprecedentedly large-count of color combinations.

  Let see and FLEXLED 210 Technical Parameters:

FLEXLED 210 Technical Parameters:

  • Power Consumption:
    • 43.2 Watts per meter,
    • 24V/ 1.8A per meter,
  • CRI>95,
  • Luminance [lm]: 
    • 3000 lm/m full Load,
  • Count of powering contacts: 6,
  • LED Count: 210 LEDs per Meter,
  • 20mm PCB Width,
  • Maximal Single Node Length: 5m,
  • Degree of protection: IP43, 
  • LED Strip Lifespan: Up to 50,000 Hours.


This NEW LED strip is specially designed for their newly designed 5-channel Cinque LED DMX dimmer.




PIC. 2 DIFFUSEFLEX LED – Highly smooth and homogenous White light 

Manufacturer Code: DIFUSEFLXWW30005M


  • High-Quality White Light Emitting Source – 140 LEDs per Meter,
  • Homogenous diffused light without any Pixelizing effect,
  • Can be used as ingredient of high-Professional  lighting solution covering Photography & Filmmaking high-grade requirements,
  • Suitable for on-camera use, or anywhere a high-quality is required.
  • Ultra High Color Rendering Index: CRI>95  
  • No color spectrum deficiencies,
  • 3M double-sided stick tape on the back,
  • Available in two Sizes: 5m and 10 m
  • Maximum recommended single node length is 32′ / 10m.

PIC. 3  Bright and smoothly diffused light without any color diffraction: CRI> 95

DIFFUSEFLEX LED Technical Parameters:

  • Power Consumption:
    • 20 Watts per Meter; 
  • CRI>95,
  • IP Rating: IP67,
  • DiffuseFlex LED Dimensions:
    • Width: 10mm,
    • Height: 12mm, 
    • Lenght: 5m, 10m,
  • Luminance [lm]:
    • 1060 lm /m for 3000K Variant,
    • 1200 lm /m for 5500K Variant,
  • 140 LEDs per Meter,
  • Cuttable length: every 5 cm, 


{ Source: MOSSLED }

Site: www.MossLED.Com



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