3.1.         BLE RN4020 Rev1.0 (Module using RN4020-BT4.1)    +

BOT RN4020 Rev1.0 (Bottom PCB well suited for cable assembly 12 x 0.22 mm2)   as blank PCBs.

Price for a pair: $call.


3.2 BLE RN4020 PCB Rev1.0 + soldered RN4020 Module without updated FW to last active version + Bottom PCB BOT RN4020 PCB Rev1.0 for insertion in a box. All necessary connections are made by 12 wires. Box and wires are Not Included.



Price: $call.


3.3 BLE RN4020 as R&D – You can buy the whole project – if you are interested and want to produce your own PCB.

Includes the Whole Project Made On Altium Designer Ver.15 Platform: Schematics + PCB Gerber Files,NC-Drill, Pick&PlaceFile, ready to import into a production line of the PCB manufacturers. We can put your firm logo on the silk layer (Top Overlay).