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9. How-To Repair Samsung T260HD with Randomly Appearing OSD Menu on the screen?

Some Of You probably Has this cute Samsung 26″ monitor, amazingly good for CAD, CAM, and PCB Developing, especially. 

However, one day on the screen starts appearings in random intervals the OSD menu, and not only but moves up and down over the options, like driven by the alien’s forces!!!

It is in the circle of humor, of course. 

This case It causes electronics failure.

How I Fix the Problem:

1:  Need to unmount the Base.

2:  You need to unwind 4-screws on the backside.

3:  Have patience … with a sharp knife with short moves and pressure you need to unlock many plastics standard lockings. Not hurry up, be calm and work very smart.  

4: When the rear panel is disconnected, fix the power supply block with strong adhesive tape to the LCD read side.

5: Next your task is to replace a single passive component. It is placed on the PCB, situated at the center of bottom side (Infrared / IR receiver’s PCB) locked with white plastic teeth. After unlocking and rotating (looking the component’s side – you are seeing the Blue in the common case Electrolytic Capacitor 47uF/63V, working at 3.3V. 

So working Voltage is not the problem. The Developers are using Long Unshielded Flat Cable – so the design has problems encountered in the development стаге itself, But It is not our problem. The Blocking Capacitor has not stopped the IC output, and High Pull-Up-ped MCU inputs are Receiving, just Like an Antennas the Parasitic Pulses From the IR Receiver.

So, The Capacitor’s capacitance is now lower than the engineer calculated to press the, and It is Out!

It needs to be replaced with compact profile LOW ESR e.g. 100uF / 25V.  

I will leave to your fancy, dismount the capacitor, Soldering the new component and the final checking if everything is okay.

Good luck!

Author eng. Lyuben Lyubenov


Updated January 2019


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