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2.)  Altium Designer PCB Libs – SMD-IC ( 75 footprints )

3.)  Altium Designer PCB Libs – SMD-MISC ( 107 footprints ) 

4.)  SLIB.SCHLIB Schematic Library including 320 Cool Schematic Components, fully compatible with presented footprints  

5.)  DRL – Day Running Lights – Hardware for automatic Switching On Car Front Lights, As soon as Engine is Started

6.)  TILT Sensor – 3-Axis accelerometer based on ADXL-345 





Via Modern micro-Lubricate technology, it is possible to make a bicycle Eternal!

Make a Bicycle Eternal


Altium Designer PCB Libraries:

Back and Upward Supported in older Protel 9 and the newest Altium Designer V16, V17, V18

2. SMD-IC ( 75 footprints ) 

Download ZIP file – description and preview.

SMD-IC.ZIP  – Description Document for a PCB LIBRARY:  SMD-IC.PCBLIB

Free Preview: SMD-IC

Get Library: SMD-IC.PCBLIB 


Full Component List

Library Name: SMD-IC.PCBLIB

µMAX-8, 32M1-A (MLF-5×5), ADXL345, DFN-06(2×3), DFN-08(3×3), DFN-10(3×3), eTSSOP-14, HRP7, HTSSOP-14, LID-PC-F103A, LQFP-128(14X20), LQFP-160(24X24), LQFP-80(14X14), MSOP-12 – EP, MSOP-8, MSOP-8 – EP, PLCC-28, PLCC-28-SOCKET, PLCC-32, PLCC-32-SOCKET, PLCC-32-SQ, PLCC-32-SQ-SOCKET, PLCC-44, PLCC-44-SOCKET, PLCC-52, PLCC-52-SOCKET, PLCC-68, PLCC-68-SOCKET, PLCC-84, PLCC-84-SOCKET, P-MQFP-44(10X10), P-MQFP-64(14X14), P-MQFP-80-1(14X14), PQFP-100(14X20), PQFP-128(14X20), PQFP-208(28X28), PQFP-52(14X14), PQFP-64(14X14), PQFP-80(14X20), P-TQFP-100-3(14×14), PWQFN-16(4×4), QFN-16(4×4), QFN-20(3×4), SO-10, SO-12, SO-14, SO-16, SO-18, SO-20, SO-4, SO-6, SO-8, SO-8 – S, SOIC-18, SOIC-20, SOIC-24, SOIC-8, SOIC-8-EP, SOP-32, SOP-8, SSOP-20-PIC16F, TDFN1443, TQFP-128(14X14), TQFP-144(20X20), TQFP-32(7×7), TQFP-44(10X10), TQFP-48(7X7), TQFP-64(14X14), TSOP II-54, TSOP-28, TSSOP-14, TSSOP-16, VQFP-100(14X14), VSSOP-10, XVTQFP-128(14X14)



  If You want this article:  SMD IC.PCBLIB

with 75  PCB Library Components (footprints) for Altium Designer, just press the next BUTTON:

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3. SMD-MISC ( 107 footprints ) 

Download ZIP file – description and preview.

SMD-MISC.ZIP  – Description Document for PCB LIBRARY:   SMD-MISC.PCBLIB

Free Preview: SMD-MISC



Some of the interesting Footprints are:  

GPRS-M660 (GPRS-GSM Module),

RN4020 (BT LE 4.0 Module), 

MX-47553-0001 (Molex Sim Card Holder),

RFM12B ( 433 MHZ FM Radio Transceiver).

Some LED CREE Footprints (XLAMP ML-B, XLAMP SLM, Xlamp XB-D, XLamp XM-L, XLamp XP-E/G, XLAMP7090XR, XLampXM-Ln, XML-HV, XTE-HV, XTE-HV2, XTE-HV3).


Full Component List:


0402, 0603, 0805, 1206, 1206 – 1W, 1210, 1218, 1612, 1812, 1825, 2220, 2225, 2512, 4032, CASE-A, CASE-B, CASE-C, CASE-D, D2PAK, D2Pak-7, DBS187CNP, DE1207-10, DO-213AB (MELF), DO-214AA (SMB), DO-214AB (SMC), DO-214AC (SMA), DPAK – G1-S2-D3, DPAK – STPS5H100B, DPAK – T4, DPAK-5, DRH104R-100, EL_CASE_A, EL_CASE_AB, EL_CASE_B, EL_CASE_BC, EL_CASE_C, EL_CASE_CD, EL_CASE_D, EL_CASE_DE, EL_CASE_E, EL_CASE_EF, EL_CASE_F, EL_CASE_FG, EL_CASE_G, EL_CASE_H, EL_CASE_J, EL_CASE_K, GPRS-M660, HC-49/U-S, HC9-6R8-R, IM880A, LED-SMD, MODIFIED MS-013, MX-47553-0001, OARS-1, PAD 1×2.5, PM2120-series, PQFN3x3, QGEN_SMD(7X5), QUARTZ-SMD-4PINS, RFM12B, RGB-5050, RGB-5050-V, RN4020, SD73NP, SER2900, SFH 4715S, SFH4258, SIP-12-SMD, SM-LP-5001, SOD-80C (MINI_MELF), SOD-87, SON5x6, SOT1061, SOT-143, SOT-223, SOT-23, SOT-23 – 1, SOT-23-5, SOT-23-6, SOT-323, SOT-353, SOT-416, SOT-89, STRAP_2, STRAP_3, TBU-CA065-200-WH, TO-252, TO-263, TO-263-5, TO-269AA, TO-269AA – W, TPD2E007, VFQFPN8, WAGO 2060-402, XLAMP ML-B, XLAMP SLM, Xlamp XB-D, XLamp XM-L, XLamp XP-E/G, XLAMP7090XR, XLampXM-Ln, XML-HV, XTE-HV, XTE-HV2, XTE-HV3, YKCO-881-1220103



    Altium Designer SCHEMATIC Library: V9 … V15 – V18 Compatible

4. SLIB.SCHLIB – Schematic Library including 320 Cool Schematic Components, suited and connected with footprints for listed above PCB libraries.

Free Preview: SLIB

Get Library: LIB.SCHLIB 


Full Component List:

Library Name: SLIB.SCHLIB

40106B, 671-79XX, 6N136, 74AHC594, 74AHC595, 74HC00, 74HC04, 74HC125, 74HC132, 74HC138, 74HC1GU04, 74HC251, 74HC259, 74HC30, 74HC4060, 74HC573, 74HC74, 74HCT7046, 74HCT7046-U, 78LXX SO-8, 78LXX TO-92, 93LC46, A6210, ABK-400-2-12, AC101L, ADG708, ADG709, ADM1811 SOT-23, ADM6993, ADM6996, ADP3303, ADXL345, ANG1.3VA/8.5V+8.5V, ANG-AC/DC, ANG-F 18,F 24, AT42QT1010, AT45DB021B-TSOP28, AT45DCB002D, AT90S2313, ATMEGA103, ATMEGA128, ATMEGA8, ATMEGA8515, ATTINY26, ATTINY4, ATTINY4313, AVRJTAG, B100X, BA33E00WHFP, Battery, Battery_WB_Lyp100, BAXXSFP, BAXXST, BP5041A, BRIDGE, BRIDGE_SMALL, BT8954, BT8960, BUZZER, CA25-12, CAP, CAPACITOR POL, CD4541BPW, CDS0T23-SM712, CKSW, CKSW DUAL, CONNECTOR_10, CONNECTOR_11, CONNECTOR_12, CONNECTOR_16, CONNECTOR_18, CONNECTOR_2, CONNECTOR_22, CONNECTOR_3, CONNECTOR_34, CONNECTOR_4, CONNECTOR_6, CONNECTOR_7, CONNECTOR_8, CONNECTOR_9, CONNECTOR_96, CONNECTOR_96_ABC, CRYSTAL, CU01SAH1S00, CY8CMBR3110-SX2I, DB9M, DC-10GWA, DC-10SRWA, DC-10YWA, DC-7G3HWA, DH15, DIODE, DIODE – BIDIRECTIONAL THYRISTOR OVERVOLTAGE PROTECTORS, DIODE_SCHOTKY, DIODE_SCHOTKY-2, DIODE_TRANSIL, DIODE_TRANSIL_BI, DIODE_ZENER, DS1811 TO-92, Dual Led Coomon Cathode, EC3AXX,EC4AXX DUAL OUTPUT, EC3AXX,EC4AXX SINGLE OUTPUT, EC3AXXH,EC4AXXH DUAL OUTPUT, EC3AXXH,EC4AXXH SINGLE OUTPUT, EC5BXX DUAL OUTPUT, EC5BXX SINGLE OUTPUT, FAN5333, FOD3182S, FUSE, GDT3E, GPRS-M660, HEADER10, HEADER12, HEADER2, HEADER3, HEADER4, HEADER5, HEADER6, HEADER7, HEADER8, HOMEBAY1.0, HOMEBAY2.0, HT1381, ICL7665SIBAZ, ICM7555, IDT821054, IDT821068, IM880A, INDEL-F 18,F 24_1, INDUCTOR, INDUCTOR_CHOKE, INDUCTOR_TALEMA_CAF-1.0-27, ISL3172EIBZ, IZ1215SA, J0011D21, J0011D21(B,E), JFET_N_D1_S2_G3, JP2, JP3, JTAG, K6X1008C2D, K6X4008C1F, KB-2820SGD, KS01-BL, KW1-4001ASB, KWL-C181SW, L4940, LAN9313 PHY mode, LED, LED_ML-B, LED_SFH4258, LID-PC-F103A, LM2576D2T-5, LM324, LM3406(HV), LM3429(HV), LM358, LM358_BIG, LM4871, LM5009, LM5112, LM61, LMS1587, LMS75LBC176M, LT3652EMSE, LT6108-1, LT6656 – 1.25V, LTC1771, LTC2942IDCB, LTC2943IDD, LTC3405A, LTC3406, LTC3454, MAX232, MAX8865, MC34063, MCP1700, MCP1702, MCP1703 – SOT223, MCP601, MCP603, MCP6S21, MCP6V11, MCP6V11U, MEAN WELL – LPV Series_1, MEAN WELL – PM Series, MMBZ10VAL, MOSFET_N_AP9997GK-HF-3, MOSFET_N_AUIRF3805S-7P, MOSFET_N_BSH103, MOSFET_N_CSD19533Q5A, MOSFET_N_G1_D2_S3, MOSFET_N_IRFS4410ZPbF, MOSFET_N_IRLML0030, MOSFET_N_RSQ035N03, MOSFET_N_Si4190DY, MOSFET_P_1G_2S_3D, MOSFET_P_AP2309GN, MOSFET_P_AP4435GM, MOSFET_P_G1_D2_S3, MOSFET_P_IRF9328PBF, MOSFET_P_IRLML6402, MOSFET_P_RSQ035P03, MT9041B, MT9076B_LQFP80, MT9076B_PLCC68, NCP5504, NPN_E1_B2_C3, NPN_E1_B3_C2, NPN_E2_B1_C3, NPN_E3_B1_C2, OPTOTRANSISTOR, P0300SA, P1_series, P2703UA, PC1602-LCD, PCT-MODULE, PE-68627, PEB20570, PEB20590, PEB20591, PEB2091, PEB24902 V2.1, PEF2426, PEF24911, PHOTO RESISTOR, PIC10F200-E/OT, PIC16F690-I/SS, PIS-4, PIS-6, PIS-8, PM-20-series, PNP_E1_B3_C2, PNP_E2_B1_C3, PNP_E3_B2_C1, POLYSWITCH, PS-25-series, QUARTZ_OSCILLATOR, QUARTZ-SMD-4PINS, RC7222, REED SWITCH 2C NO, REF3040, RELAY TNC-2C-12-08, RELAY DS2E-S – 3 PARTS VIEW, RELAY DS2E-S – SINGLE VIEW, RELAY HJR-3FF – 2 PARTS VIEW, RELAY HJR-3FF – SINGLE VIEW, RELAY JE-112D, RELAY TQ2 – 3 PARTS VIEW1, RELAY TQ2 – 3 PARTS VIEW2, RELAY TQ2 – SINGLE VIEW, RES_NTC, RES_PTC, RES1000, RES125, RES250, RES500, RFM12B, RGB-5050, RJ-45, RJ-45(SHIELDED), RJ-45(X8), RN4020, RS8973, SA56-11GWA, SC56-11GWA, SCW03 series, SD-25C-series, SDRAM_64MB(4MX16)_TSOPII-54, SDRAM_64MB(8MX8)_TSOPII-54, SHDSL-TD3, SIM-HOLDER (MX-47553-0001), SMA, SM-LP-5001, SMT16030 TO-92, SN74LVCC4245A, ST1CC40, T405, T60403-M6290-X058, T60405-N5024-X003, T60407-L5026-X007, T60407-L5054-X011, T60407-M5014-X002, TBU-CA065-200-WH, TC4422, TC4431, TC4432, TCA9538, TDA-2003, TL431_SO-8, TL431_SOT-23, TLV3012AIDBVT, TLV3701, TP, TP11362A, TPD2E007, TPL5000, TPS43060, TPS54335, TPS61165DBVR, TPS61500, TRUB, TS-064, TSOP348, UC3714D, UCC2804, ULN2803, VARISTOR, VREF1.25V, VUEBRIDGE-ST, XBRIDGE2.0, XC95144XL – TQ144, XC9572XL – TQ100, xMS_BUTTON, YKCO-881-1220103, ZL50012, ZTL431, ZXGD3004E6TA, ZXLD1321, ZXLD1360


GPRS-M660 (GPRS-GSM Module),

RN4020 (BT LE 4.0 Module), 

MX-47553-0001 (Molex Sim Card Holder),

RFM12B (433 MHZ FM Radio Transceiver).

320  Schematic Components Matched with described PCB Footprints… 

Get LibraryLIB.SCHLIB 


5. DRL – Day Running Lights – Hardware for automatic Switching On Car Front Lights, As soon as Engine is Started. 

The MCU – PWM Output  – supporting the Dimming Control – adjust The Pulse To Pause Ratio or Duty Cycle – for direct Lamp intensity control.

We introduce our ALL-NEW PCB Automotive Design – Automatic Day Running Lights – Controlling Hardware.

made with Altium Design V15 Routed PCB With Connected Schematics

Main MCU Microchip PIC12F629 Firmware is NOT included!

EVEN The Price of this working Design is almost Symbolic – Don’t Forget, You must create Firmware Program By Yourself! 

Right this moment, we don’t have a Full-functional Firmware Release! 

  The design was checked with a lite test program from external specialist and the conclusion was: Complete working Hardware. with Standard 12Volt Accumulator in real Charge, and 2x 55+60Watt H4 connected to its Low or High Beams 

Tips and Advice: Use Internal Analog Comparator to check the Accumulator State: 

  If the Accumulator is charging – As a result of  The started Engine – The Voltage is quickly rising from 12.6V (for fully charged Accu), and when is reaching 13.2V – After Suggested Value of resistors/ the voltage divider result it is equal to Analog Input as over the limit of 1.688Volts.

  Then You can use PWM output to create Dimming of Front H1, H4, or H7 Tungsten Lights – from one side to make Soft-start – preventing Halogen Lamps from damage, From another side if are Used Hi-Beam to te Adjuted to Aproxx. 30% Duty Cycle – not to interfere with and dazzle other road users.

  The Button 1 main idea for usage is, for example, to change the PWM Duty Cycle in % in a few – e.g. 10 steps  0 – off DRL Mode, 10%, 20%, 30% …….80% 90% 100% (NO Dimming effect – a Only Useful Option for a Xenon Front Lights)…


Get Day Running Lights – PCB Design


6. TILT Sensor – 3-Axis accelerometer based on ADXL-345

XL345 – Tilt 3-Axis Accelerometer Sensor Based on IC ADXL345.

Sold as PCB Design!

Developed PCB Design includes Schematics and Connected to SCH Fully Routed PCB.

The design is Verified and is Completely working.

Zip File Content:Created on Altium Designer V15.




Get XL345 – TILT Sensor – PCB Design


Digital Shop – Content:


2.)  SMD-IC ( 75 footprints )

3.)  SMD-MISC ( 107 footprints ) 

4.)  SLIB.SCHLIB Schematic Library including 320 Cool Schematic Components, fully compatible with presented footprints  

5.)  DRL – Day Running Lights – Hardware for automatic Switching On Car Front Lights, As soon as Engine is Started

6.)  TILT Sensor – 3-Axis accelerometer based on ADXL-345