Beginner Level in Electronics: Parts 1-24

  Beginner Level in Electronics: Parts 1-24

  Today we start learning the Beginner level in Electronics. Our main goal is to unite the inquisitive young people from different countries and nationality to one huge goal: To learn the electronics basics in a way to be next, future heroes and discoverers, explore and improve existing and invent all-new technologies and make revolutionary new inventions.

  Let’s see the first 8 Parts of the learning journey.

  Thanks to Videos author for his efforts, and a well-done work.

List of Videos & Abstract:

VIDEO 1. Beginner Electronics – Part#1:  Introduction

VIDEO 2. Beginner Electronics – Part#2:  AC vs DC

VIDEO 3. Beginner Electronics – Part#3:  Closed/Open Circuits

VIDEO 4. Beginner Electronics – Part#4:  Flow + Resistance

VIDEO 5. Beginner Electronics – Part#5:  Resistors

VIDEO 6. Beginner Electronics – Part#6:  LEDs

VIDEO 7. Beginner Electronics – Part#7:  How Much Resistance?

VIDEO 8. Beginner Electronics – Part#8:  First Circuit!


VIDEO 1. Beginner Electronics Part#1



VIDEO 2. Beginner Electronics Part#2

AC – Alternate Current / DC – Direct Current


VIDEO 3. Beginner Electronics Part#3

Closed/Open Circuits


VIDEO 4. Beginner Electronics Part#4

Flow + Resistance


VIDEO 5. Beginner Electronics Part#5



VIDEO 6. Beginner Electronics Part#6



VIDEO 7. Beginner Electronics Part#7

How Much Resistance?


VIDEO 8. Beginner Electronics Part#8



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