The Wonderful World of Advanced Technologies: Graphene

  The Wonderful World of Advanced Technologies: Graphene

   The Graphene invention is opening a new page, or more precisely, All-New Era. Flexible Screens, Lightweight Ultra-fast rechargeable batteries, Durable open space and aircraft constructions, etc. 

   The Graphene is over 100 times stronger than steel – Even in a “Sigle Atom” thick Structure!

   Just imagine, all the best opportunities uncovered in front of mechanical developers and constructors.

   All-new abilities for one all-new nano-constructional world!



VIDEO 1. The Age of Graphene | Samsung’s Revolutionary Battery Technology

Video Contents: 

  • Introduction to the Crystal Form of Carbon – The Graphene Technology,
  • The Potential Spheres of usage are countless: Electronics, Medicine, Environment Technology, Light Processing, Sensor Technology, Green Energy Utilization improvement, Automotive, Transportation, Mechanical Construction, Aircraft & Space, and many others… 

  Today’s Learning Tutorial is now continuing with the next Video material.

  Typical sphere of usage is accumulating power sources, namely, rechargeable batteries. New Graphene batteries are explained by Samsung Specialists. let’s see the video.

VIDEO 2.  Samsung’s New Graphene Battery or how to charge 5x times faster?

DURATION  7:35 minutes


VIDEO 3.  New graphene battery launch: 8-minute charge time. 350-mile range!

DURATION 11:17 minutes


  Another Very Impressive Application of Graphene: The All-New Electric Car’s Batteries Packs are going to a Fully-charged State for a few minutes! 





Never Stop To Imagine & Believe In Your Dreams!


Many Times One Imaginary, Even Crazy Idea, Becomes A Reality!


Then, The Impossible Sounds Like An Ordinary, Dear Future Inventors!



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