Don’t Throw Out Unnecessary Radio or How to Create Car-Audio Boombox

   Don’t Throw Out Unnecessary Radio or How to Create Car-Audio Boombox

   Today we are prepared a video example – how to create your own Car Audio Boombox. 

   Sharing this impressive video tutorial has the main goal – to arouse the interest of everyone, and most of all the more creative ones, in inventing, inventing and refining your ability to do things, gadgets, enrich your knowledge of different materials and technologies, or just enjoy the work of this skilled designer. Check out the video!


VIDEO 1. “How to create Car-Audio Boombox”


Video – Content:

  The constructor made different activities, listed below:

  • Using 3D Printer – Model Geeetech A20M – Amazon UK, Review The Tech. Specs
  • Print 3D details – *.GCO format
  • Preparing of front decorative plastic details for painting
  • Painting with black nitrocellulose paint 
  • Covering and painting again with gray metallic nitrocellulose paint
  • Creating the enclosure – using thin MDF
    • Mechanical cutting,
    • Milling cutter,
    • Stick together all details via universal glue for wood
    • Drilling
    • Gluing and applying leather and carbon effect foil
  • Integration of cooling fan, Power On Button
  • Insert Specific Used Radio 
  • Connect, Soldering and Fix Tweeter and Woofer Speakers, 
  • 3D Print of Fan’s Protective & decorative grille
  • Мounting of Grille and Rear Bass-Reflex Finish caps 
  • Integrating a Flexible Handle


  Great Job! 

  You saw the whole work in detail! 

  Follows, demonstrating the operation of the device – Radio, CD, etc.

  We hope you will inflame your imagination and enrich your basic hardware skills by looking at videos as today presented the VIDEO Tutorial thanks to TE-Channel at




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