Video Tutorial of Cracked Screen Refurbishing

  Video Tutorial of Cracked Screen Refurbishing

  The modern way of living is making us in one or another case of electricity and technology dependent. Whole World’s Technical advance or new technologies are mainly focused on how to improve, to help or to share different services to this phenomenally fast-growing fashionable World.

  Every day is developed and created tons of such hi-tech devices.

  In common case, they are fragile, battery-powered, smart or not too, with a touch-sensitive informative display.

  Independently, how smart are these gadgets, electronic device or appliance, even more-durable one has its bad day, when they can be damaged.

  In less severe cases, the impact when they have been fallen damages only the screen protective / hardened glass.

  Today we are going to show the cracked Screen Refurbishing Process. 

  The Main activities for doing this complicated process are supported by a set of specialized machines.

  Operator’s skills are also very important.

  Every step must be made very precisely, with special attention for every specific detail.

  Тhough hardly, a large part of you, dear readers, will never need to do this by yourself, seeing is powering your imaginary, awareness and, of course, is extending the general culture at all.


VIDEO 1.  “Tutorial of iPhone 7 Plus Cracked Screen Refurbishing”

DURATION 14:25 minutes

VIDEO – Content:

  • Showing all instruments and technical “stuff”
  • Checking the Touch-screen functionality
  • Cutting the 4 corners of the front frame – using soldering iron with a special shape of the iron’s tip
  • Stick in the adhesive tape on glass for preventing from additional damage
  • Lay LCD Screen on Manual LCD Separating Tool, heated on 80-90 degrees Centigrade, for 15 seconds
  • Press the Start Button for vacuum fixing
  • Start Removing the Metallic Frame
  • Using the cutting wire for separation the glass and LCD Screen
  • Preheating and POL Film Removing – using specialized REWA Glue Removing Machine
  • Use LCM Cleaner to remove the residue 
  • Align LCD and POL Film using a special machine


  As you can see, all refurbishing activities aren’t using a kind of UFO technologies.

  Аctually, The whole magic is mixture by special Human skills, right machinery, and accessories.

  The activities are easily understandable in a video demonstration way, so we decided to show exactly this video material. 



The Power is in your hands!




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