How to Create Compact Bluetooth Soundbar DIY

  How to Create Compact Bluetooth Soundbar DIY

   It is wonderful to see, how the talented man from the video is both a creator and a mechanical and electrical designer.

   His skills can be appreciated by you after seeing the video. From the mechanical design of the MDF Enclosure – which looks very nice to the idea and realization of the visual effects – based on Stereo LED Indicators, Bluetooth connectivity, and an Audio amplifier.

  The Sound Reconstruction system is using 4 full-range speakers and 1 passive radiator “speaker” – all of this could be seen in the video.

  The Soundbar Creating process is maiden by hand, very precisely, with the most common machines for drilling and milling wood – in this case, normal MDF panels.

  I Hope You will appreciate this impressive DIY Project and will really Enjoy the video. 



VIDEO 1. “Building A Mini Bluetooth SoundBar”


Video – Content:

Mechanical Design Includes:

  • Creating the shapes of different panel parts:
    • Cutting,
    • Milling, Drilling,
    • Gluing,
    • Painting in gray and orange.

Hardware Design Includes :

    • Visualizing Module:
      • Customization:
        • Desoldering and transfer of electrolytic capacitors from one to another side of PCB,
  • Bluetooth Module with Audio Amplifier,
  • Audio Part:
    • Four full-range mini speakers,  
    • One passive radiator speaker.
  • Soldering.




  Independently, the video duration isn’t too long, this Video Design, as I could name it,  can improve your DIY skills and Your Creativity in a few aspects:

  • Mechanical Design:
    • Creating the MDF shapes of different panel parts:
        • Cutting, Milling, Drilling, Gluing,
    • Painting in different colors.
  • Theory – Acoustics, Electronics.
  • Electronics: Acoustics, Speakers, Amplifiers. Additional materials for speakers and more theory can be found here.
  • Electronics: BT Board Basics. Additional materials and more theory can be found here.
  • Electronics: Soldering. Additional materials can be found here.




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