New Achievements and Innovations at MWC19

  New Achievements and Innovations at MWC19

  Let’s focus on freshly announced Devices at MWC19 in Barcelona, Spain. 

  We are accustomed to a few international leaders amazing us with all sorts of innovations and achievements.

  One of Giants is a SAMSUNG presents:


SAMSUNG’s Innovations and Achievements at MWC19


  The First Valuable Device from a lot of newly presented items is SAMSUNG S10 5G.  It is the first Samsung 5G Smartphone.

  Unlike its predecessor S10 (See Video 2) which has “only” 6.4″ Ultra Bright Display, Samsung’s new flagman S10 5G already has a 6’7 Infinite-O Display.

  The Battery of this monster Smartphone is also impressive with its 4500 mah. The rear side view is a little bit embarrassing, with one of the world’s first quadruple-cameras arrays, used on the smartphone. 

  At the end of the video, you can see an impressive example of typical Fast 5G multi-device interconnection and the ability to become a single large display.

  The Possibilities are only Software dependent, so they are limitless.



VIDEO 1.  Samsung Galaxy S10+ Hands-On


  The Next Very Attractive and shining device seems will be very practical to those, who prefer phablets size smartphones.





  With its great foldable and shining Design, Dual, and Triple Cameras, The Wireless Charging of Compatible Samsung Gadgets, and wearing devices, the Galaxy Fold will be your next Pocket friend…

VIDEO 3. Galaxy Fold – The Resistance Test 


 Samsung versus Huawei

 Huawei also presents its Foldable 5G Smartphone.

 Two Giants – Two Conceptions. Until Samsung Has Two Different Screens – One Small – more correct – the smaller outside display and a large Foldable inside Display, the Huawei Mate X has an Outside mounted Screen.



  Huawei Designers are using single outside mounted Foldable screens, showing the information over the phone in a folded state, not adding the additional cost for a second display as Samsung’s Galaxy Fold Device. As they said they are using “FALCON WING DESIGN”. 


  •   Size: 8″-inch,
  •   Resolution: 2480 x 2200 Pixels,
  •   In Folded State: 6.3″-inch & 6.6″-inch.


VIDEO 4. HUAWEI Mate X First Look – The FOLDING FUTURE is Here!



The Technologies are improving, World is changing!



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