Soundbar 700: The Premium Soundmaster By BOSE

  Soundbar 700: The Premium Soundmaster By BOSE 

  BOSE Soundbar 700

   So pleasant Rounded Edges. Premium glass top covering – giving the feeling of magic and luxury.

  An Amazing Front Grille with 28 lines with endlessly many holes each, creating both a visual and acoustic sense of infinity…

  Sweet, like a beautiful Chocho Bar! This is a next “Merci” from Bose! 

  See the All-New BOSE SoundBar 700. 

  Аctually, this pretty chocolate bar can drive mad your next room relatives even, in addition, your neighbors, if it is using together with the Subwoofer Bass Module 700.

  But, you promise – you don’t do it, are you?


 BOSE SoundBar 700 – Key Features:

  • Solid Mechanical Design, No-screeching, no-parasitic Resonances, Reference BOSE Construction,
  • Stable, Powerful and Fulfilling Sound with Audiophile Grade Acoustic and Frequency Covering Range,
  • Wireless Connectivity:
    • Wi-Fi,
    • Bluetooth, 
  • Wired Connectivity:
    • Via HDMI,
    • HDMI ARC Support,
  • Audio Features:
    • Adaptiq Audio Room Calibration,
    • PhaseGuide Technology for the best immersive spatial sound,
    • QuietPort Technology for a Virtually Distortion-Free Slim Acoustic Design,
  • Illumination:
    • The impressive Hidden Light Bar for Alexa listening visual acknowledge,


VIDEO 1.  Bose Soundbar 700 – Unboxing + Setup


The Premium SoundBar 700 is available in three bundles:

  • The SoundBar 700 only,
  • 3.1 Configuration – SoundBar 700 + SoundBuffer Bass Module 700,
  • 5.1 Configuration – SoundBar 700 + SoundBuffer Bass Module 700 + two ultra-compact satellite speakers.


The BOSE SoundBar 700 & Compatible Accessories:


The Budget friendly Middle 500 series – BOSE SoundBar 500 & Compatible Accessories:



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