BEOPLAY P6: Smart Speaker With Alexa By B&O

 BEOPLAY P6: Smart Speaker With Alexa By B&O

  It isn’t a mystery, that all High-Tech Devices Presented at IFA2018 marked the whole great advance of hardware manufacturers. Also, it isn’t necessary to find out, why, exactly, the Smart Devices growth is so significant. 

  Today we will talk about a leading audiophile top-end manufacturer Bang & Olufsen, especially their freshly Presented, and already in-stock reference devices, More specifically, a reference Smart Speaker Beoplay P6.

  Independently you are admitted using such kind of device, for your home or on the go, all precisely tuned by hand audio devices can change totally your idea of quality sound reproduction.

  Let’s see the device’s technical parameters and features, and support with values of the main benefits of the product.


PIC. 1 

An Iconic Simbiosys between the Pictural Sound with an Ergonomic & Minimalistic Design, nice Shape, and Genuine Leather

The Result is Amazing:

BEOPLAY P6 – in all its beauty

BEOPLAY P6 – Key Features:

  • Reference Heavy And Solid Grilled Aluminium Body,
  • Handsome, Always Modern, Minimalistic IP54 Design with a Leather Strip,
  • up to 16 hours of Premium Sound with a Great Frequency Response Range: from 55Hz to 20000Hz
  • Manual Controls:
    • Power ON-OFF with Speaker Power State LED Indicator,
    • Bluetooth Connectivity Status,
    • One-Touch Feature Button ‘O’,
    • ‘-‘: Volume DOWN,
    • ‘+’: Volume UP,
  • Battery: 
    • Rechargeable Li-Ion Battery,
    • Capacity: 2600mAH, 
    • Charging:
      • USB-C standard slot – approximately 3 hours for Full Charge, 
    • Battery Lifespan:
      • 16 Hours at middle power Output, 
    • Battery LED Indicator, 
  • Audio Part: 
    • Reference 2.1 Bang&Olufsen 360 Degree spatial sound, 
    • Speakers:
      • 2 x 1.5-inch Full-Range Speakers, Powered By two 30Watts D-Class Digital Amplifiers,
      • 1 x 4″ Woofer Speaker, powered by a single 36 Watts D-Class High-Efficient Audio Amplifier,
    • 1 x omnidirectional, electret type Microphone for Handsfree Call Support, 
    • Frequency Range: 
      • 55 Hz to 20 KHz, 
  • Connectivity:
    • Bluetooth 4.2,
    • Can be paired with Two Speakers for enhanced Stereo Reconstruction, 
  • Water Proof Level:
    •  Dust & Water Splashes Level: IP-54,
  • Available in Four Color Options:
    • Limestone, Dark Plum, Natural, Black,
  • Dimensions: 
    • 170mm x 130mm x 68mm,
    • 6.7″ x  5.1″ x  2.7″-inches, 
  • Weight:
    • 1kg.
    • 2.2 pounds, 


VIDEO 1.  Nice Design, Portable Audiophile Speaker, Frequency Range 55Hz – 20000Hz

B&O – Hardware Gift, Specially Designed for You – Find out The Newest Beoplay P6. 


VIDEO 2. Beoplay P6 Set up


  BEOPLAY P6 Smart Speaker has an amazing Lower woofer Frequency for such a kind and mall size of a device. Smashing Basses and crystal spatial sound will wonder every audio freak, even thou, obsessed audiophiles. 




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