New Technology: GEL 3D-Print in Suspended Gravity

 New Technology: GEL 3D-Print in Suspended Gravity,

 3-Dimensional Object print, known with its popular name: “3D-print” is something quite common and has entered the everyday life of many people. 

 The great part of schools and Learning Centers are necessarily equipped with some kind of device.

 If you are curious about the technology of Suspended Gravity 3D-Print, see next 2 related videos: How to print 3D Objects In A Vat Of Gel …?



VIDEO 1. 3D-Print Objects In A Vat Of Gel

DURATION 1:22 minutes


VIDEO 2.  3D-Print in Suspended Gravity

DURATION 3:13 minutes

The Next 2 Videos are showing the typical examples of application: The First Mass Market 3D-Printed Shoe is Pioneered By ADIDAS

VIDEO 3.  Adidas’ First Mass Market 3D-Printed Shoe

DURATION 1:21 minutes


VIDEO 4.  Wearing Adidas FUTURECRAFT 4D

DURATION 10:12 minutes


Another 3D Print Methods:

The next modern technology is using the powder bed and Laser metal melting:


VIDEO 5.  A new method of manufacturing using powder bed

DURATION 3:25 minutes

 Next Video shows the tendencies in the jewelry industry. 


VIDEO 6. Lionel T Dean’s 3D-printed gold collection aims to transform the jewelry industry

DURATION 3:09 minutes


The last, but not at least technology is hot, very hot – it uses the direct melted metal 3D-Print:

VIDEO 7.  3D Printing Metal with the Iro3D Desktop Metal 3D Printer

DURATION 6:58 minutes

VIDEO 8. 3D-printing electronics on a moving hand

DURATION 1:25 minutes


The Next Videos Are related to the standard CNC work. Relaxing and Most Satisfying Machine Work

VIDEO 9.  Magic Cutting Tools – CNC Machine & Milling Compilation

DURATION 6:58 minutes


Ghost Gunner 2 Micro CNC Machine (GG2):


SHERLINE: CNC-ready Ultimate Machine Shop Package (Inch):


RATTMMOTOR: 3 Axis 6040Z-S80 CNC Router:


Inspired By All Seen And All-New Technologies,

The Next Most Amazing Invention Will Be Yours, Dear Explorers!



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