909D+: Best in Class Rework Station 5-In-1

  909D+: Best in Class Rework Station 5-In-1

  The World of Soldering industry related tools, like Soldering Irons, Rework stations, Tools and related accessories can confuse even well-prepared specialists or experts.

   Our main goal is an attempt to help the Hobbyists and all Electronic Freaks to be informed the interesting Pro Devices with Excellent performance and Great – Quality / Price Ratio.

   In other words, to find the best and rich-functionality device, profitable.

   We don’t think to comment the price – the Device needs to be reliable, Rugged and Solid, and to maintain basic functionality for a long time period.

   Today, we will introduce 909D+ Rework Soldering Starion 5-in-1.

   The device is often Branded and can be found with different names, but Basically Model  909D+ is won its users hearts, like a reliable Soldering and Rework Station 5-in-1.

   Yes, 5-in-1 means 909D+ have five different functions in one device!

   Of Course, The 909D+ Doesn’t prepare you coffee, but Soldering Iron and Hot Air ” Gun” with precise Digitally Adjusted Temperature, displayed on two 3 Digits, 7-Segment LED Indicators, Standard USB-A Type Charging Slot for random smartphone or USB Powering / Charging device, Fine Adjustable Power Supply Block with 2 x 3 Digits, 7-Segment LED Indicators for Separate displaying of Output Voltage and real consumed Current.

PIC. 1  909D+ 5-In-1 Rework Soldering Station

909D+ Rework Station – Key Features:

  • Compact SMD soldering Hot Air Station,
  • Soldering Iron:
    • Power 50Watt,
    • Ceramic Core Heater,
    • Iron Pen Type: A1321,
    • Temperature Range: 
      • 200 ºC – 480 ºC,
      • 392 ºF – 896 ºF,
    • Precisely adjustable temperature,
    • Fast Warm-up, 
    • Real Temperature is measured in real time and displayed on 3-Digit, 7-Segment LED Indicators,
    • 5 interchangeable Soldering Iron tips,
    • Independent On-OFF Control,
  • Hot Air “Gun”:
    • 720Watt Ceramic Core Heater, 
    • Temperature Range: 
      • 100 ºC – 450 ºC,
      • 212 ºF – 842 ºF, 
    • High-efficient, In Handle Integrated low-noise Brushless AC Motor and high-debit Turbine, 
    • Smoothly Adjustable Hot Air Flow,
    • 4 nozzles covering the different operator’s needs,
    • Fast Warm-Up, 
    • Independent On-OFF Control,
  • Adjustable Power Supply:
    • Voltage: Max 15 V,
    • Current: Max 2 A,
    • Power: Max 30 VA,
    • Voltage adjusting: 0 to 15V,
    • Output Current adjustable limit: 0 to 2A,
    • Current Protection Starts 10% Above set Current Limit
    • ~100 uS Recovery Time from Current Protection Event, 
    • Independent On-OFF Control,
  • Switch for Monitoring the Power Supply Output Voltage on an external meter, 
  • Voltage Detecting Circuitry, 
  • Brand Name: CO-Z,
  • Model: SRS-909D-00,
  • Power: 
    • Working Voltage: AC110V / 60Hz, 
      Power consumption: max 720W,
  • Dimensions: 
    • 13.2 x 10.9 x 8″-inches,
  • Weight:
    • 9.55 lb, 

  This compact Tool will give you more free space on working table or desk. It Will Charge your smartphone, or Internet Radio, Boombox or Wireless Speaker,  positively “charging” the atmosphere in hobby hardware laboratory. 

 Note: Keep Soldering Iron Tip clean, using the cellulose-based sponge – wet, and keep it far from any plastic details.

  In common case, The Melted Plastics are emitting active substances, able to destroy the iron tip covering.  


PIC. 2 CO-Z REWORK Station 909D+ UI Description



VIDEO 1. REWORK Station 909D+ Review


PIC. 3 CO-Z REWORK Station 909D+ Accessories



Fun Zone: 

  It’s time for fun! Let’s see one unsuspected and amazing usage of general Car’s Headlight H4 Halogen Lamp.

  Enjoy the VIDEO…


VIDEO 2.  Secret Function of Halogen Lamp 


Keep Soldering Iron Tip Clean – It Will Serve You Faithfully For A Longer Time!



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