Three Extra Bass™ Party Speakers By SONY  

  Three Extra Bass™ Party Speakers By SONY  

  Today we will take a look at the actual SONY Extra Bass™ series, namely, its exclusive three members SRS-XB21, SRS-XB31 and the largest SRS-XB41.

  These stunning wireless Speakers are compact and powerful Bluetooth and NFC connected Speakers, the Valuable members of High-Resolution Audio Group.

  All devices are specially created to deliver an uncompromised sound with astonishing quality, truly 3-Dimensional sound with impressive bass reconstruction, streamed via reliable Bluetooth or NFC connection.


VIDEO 1. Sony EXTRA BASS™ Wireless Speakers SRS-XB41, SRS-XB31, SRS-XB21  Official Video

Enrich your party with lighting fairy …

  • Your party will shine with line light, speaker lights and flash strobe lights,
  • Waterproof and dustproof:  IP67 rating,

  The waterproof level is enough for surviving the device even it drops into the salt water.

  These Extra Bass™ Wireless devices aren’t simply the next soulless devices on the market. The SONY’s specialists are thought, how to ignite the party mood to the next level.

  Simply tap your speaker in 5 different places to make different sounds: The Speaker is reproducing sounds like a scratch, snare, kick drum and cowbell. The Tapping sound pressure level is the applied tap force. 

  The user can tap gently for a soft sound or give it a good hit for a loud output.

  •   LIVE SOUND™ mode uses the newest DSP technologies to fulfill with energy the speaker surrounding space.

  As a result, the true 3-dimensional sound is very close to real, makes a party heroes listening experience on a Music Festival Level.  

Independent of the device’s dimensions, the described three wireless devices have impressive almost equal playback duration.

SRS-XBx1 Battery Lifespan & Mechanical Parameters:

  • SRS-XB21 – up to 12 hours Single Charge Continuous Playback,
  • SRS-XB31 – up to 24 hours Single Charge Continuous Playback,
    • Dimensions: 231 mm x 87 mm x 81 mm,
    • Weight: 890g,
    • SRS-XB31 – FULL Tech Specs:
  • SRS-XB41 – up to 24 hours Single Charge Continuous Playback.







Ignite the Party mood with SONY’s EXTRA BASS™ Series




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