BOSE AR: The World’s First AR Audio Platform

  BOSE AR: The First Augmented Reality Audio Platform in a Music Industry’s World

  AR or the Augmented Reality is a way to be mixed the real or physical, environment objects and some visual or audio information, allowing the easily understanding the represented objects.

  By Definition The Augmented Reality has two main divisions: MR: Mixed Reality and CMR: Computer-Mediated Reality.

  MR – Mixed Reality: Referred to as hybrid reality, is using the idea of merging of real and virtual worlds and producing all-new visualizations, where the digital and real objects are co-existing, interacting in real-time.

  CMR – Computer-mediated Reality:  Computer-mediated reality makes possible the ability to add to and/or subtract information from, or otherwise manipulate one’s perception of reality using a portable computer: Wearable Computer, Tablet, Smartphone.

   Today, we will introduce the device using all-new technology – or one world’s first device. It wouldn’t be related to projecting the video in front of your eyes.  It will use another your sense: the hearing!

  The Bose is introducing for the first time in a world the Audio Platform for an Augmented Reality.

  The Result: Equipped with BOSE AR glasses, with an installed Application and enabled smartphone you can hear what you see.

  All this announcement sounds very attractive and progressive, and also give tons of possibilities. 

  Mainly, as the technology is very “young” software developers need some time to enter the BOSE AR in Applications for different OS systems.

  The BOSE’s Support is also Great: Bose is created API and SDK Kit, powering the programmers. Bose’s website is offering the blog and Forums to exchange the significant information between the Bose’s Specialists and the software developers. 

  Let’s see the device: It is shaped like sunglasses with thick frames. The frame’s arms which rest over the ears have a special protrusion, are ending with rectangular holes at the front of each earlobe, actually, from where the sound to the ear is projected. This Revolutionary new-way of “Sound Connectivity” doesn’t influence the normal hearing of all other surrounding sounds.


PIC. 1  BOSE AR: The World’s First AR Audio Assistant Informative Glasses

BOSE AR – Key Features:

  • Uses only Hypoallergenic Plastics.
  • Built-in High effective Low weight Rechargeable Battery, 
  • Lightweight and comfortable to wear design,
  • It has built-in a very sensitive multi-axis Accelerate-meter, allowing the device to “point to” the wished Object, building, directions, etc.


How it Functions:  

  The Information about the glasses orientation is shared to a smartphone app via the wireless connection. Integrated GPS Gives the observer position on, and application doing all necessary calculations to “scan” and detect the Sight imaginary Beam to an Object.

  With a minimal possible delay, the smartphone sends the actual audio information for recently pointed digitally, to BOSE AR Glasses, and immediately after decoding it, projects as Voice to the Ears.


PIC. 2  BOSE AR Glasses


How they fit on the human face:

PIC. 3  BOSE AR: Augmented Reality Glasses


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