QUEENWAY R2R: Unveils the R2R Conversion Noiseless Player

  QUEENWAY R2R: Unveils the Noiseless player with Discrete R2R Conversion

  Updated January 2019

  Today’s topic is based on one of the newest QUEENWAY hardware, especially R2R HiFi Audio type DAC Player

  The QUEENWAY R2R DAC System has pedantically separated enclosure parts for a high-to-low voltage transformer & input filters.

  To reach the best separation and unique low-level of AC power line influences, with impressive good ground separation, The Queenway’s hardware specialists are using the modular principle.

  The Classical manner of a highly recommended toroidal transformer and a few stages Input Filter with golden line Electrolytic capacitors have resulted!



PIC. 1  QUEENWAY HiFi Audio R2R Type DAC Lossless Player

 The QUEENWAY R2R Audio system – Key Features:

  • Multilayer, Golden Plated PCB Tracks, 
  • Strongly Symmetrical design with equalized tracks lengths, 
  • Connectivity:
    • USB,
    • RCA,
    • Optical,
  • DSD512 Support at 22.5792 MHz, 
  • DSD64 Support at 2.8224 MHz
  • COAXIAL1, COAXIAL2, OPTICAL, AES Interfaces Supports:  
    • PCM 44.1kHz – 192kHz: 24-bit; 
    • DSD 64X / DOP,
  • USB Interface SUpports: 
    • PCM 44.1-384K: 32-bit;
    • DSD64 – DSD256X – DOP;
    • DSD64- DSD512X – Native;
  • I2S Interface Supports:
    • PCM 44.1-384k: 32-bit;
    • DSD64-DSD512X,




PIC. 2   QUEENWAY HiFi Audio R2R Type DAC Lossless Player – Uncovered


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Updated January 2019




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