Learning Tutorial: How To Repair Broken Plastic Details

  How to Repair broken Plastic-PET, ABS, Thermoplastic Details.



  Every one of us, in his childhood, had a favorite game or toy.  During the hundreds of hours in games, playing with this toy, often the last is broke down. Conception, to buy a new one or to repair, has two aspects – sides:

1. Buys a new toy is a perfect variant in case of a toy is а irreparably damaged. The Broken Favorite Plastic Toy goes to the garbage.

  It isn’t Environment-friendly, but Nature, in this case, has no choice.

2. Small cracks or lapse of material, who can be repaired in many manners.

  It is the Environment-friendly.

  Today, we will talk about the ways to repair, cracked ThermoPlastic Plastic Enclosure:

  •   On twisting, pressure or onset, the resulting cracks in the plastic are most often long, with one “ray”,
  •   The cracks, caused by the release of the land are long, sometimes single, sometimes with a few “rays”.
  •   Damages on a plastic enclosure, produced by impact to, e.g. sharp edge, can produce a hole, where, whole plastic pieces are missing.

  When we are talking about repairing of the resulting cracks, we will start with less problematic single ray crack –  produced by twisting, pressure or onset…

Necessary Materials and Tools:

  • Fume Extractor or Good Ventilation – More preferable is to be working on open air, 
  • Soldering Iron with adjustable working temperature and not very thin soldering iron tip.
  • Different Iron Tips:
    • The preferably is a cheap, out-of-use soldering iron tip…,
    • Because, plastics emits cancerogenic fume and active substances – capable of breaking, or damaging the Iron Tip’s coating.
  • Metalic – Copper or Cantal wire with 0.2 – 0.3 mm diameter,
  • Pliers, Cutting Pliers, 
  • Comb,
  • Optional, thin Teflon – PTFE –  foil. 


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