Green House: Wireless Camera Solution By Netgear

  Green House: Wireless Camera & Siren Security Solution By Netgear 

  Green House,  The more Green House, The Most Green House ever! That Dream of a huge part of humans – especially young & active working part of the population!

  In nowadays, where the atmosphere air pollution is taking growth in large cities, much more humans think to vacation in Nature. Many of them have the possibility or have house or summer house in a clean country places, with a plenty of green, trees, wonderful singing birds. In this idyll, the pretty cottage into the limits of the village zone or into the “nothing” need to be powered by some kind of energy. The Solar energy coming from the SUN is one wonderful gift, who can easily to be transformed and accumulated into any kind or rechargeable batteries – Accumulators. The Solar System is One inseparable part of every modern, independent powered household.

  “The Security…

  This Theme is often mentioned where the Green House is situated far from noisy towns and crowded tall buildings of a large city.

 Todays ‘s Topic has the main goal to show one Solution By Netgear contents whole 12 bundle Variants. If we include all possible accessories from the market, the combinations and futures create a very flexible complete solution for DIY security design! 


PIC. 1  Four ARLO Pro Camera & Base Station KIT 

The System consists of:

Base Station:

Base Station – Key Features:

  • Makes Possible Wireless Connection for Arlo and Arlo Pro Wifi Cameras,
  • Makes them Viewable on the Internet using Security Connection,
  • Support External USB Drive for local video backup
  • Smart Siren: Integrated Over 100 dB siren with Internet and OTA Control, 
  • Compatible with all Arlo & Pro Cameras.


One Camera KIT:

Three ARLO Pro Camera KIT:

Four ARLO Pro Camera KIT:

Five ARLO Pro Camera KIT:

Six ARLO Pro Camera KIT:

  In the market are available tons of wall mount accessory-less more expensive than the original manufacturer’s accessory, but all they have one large disadvantage – The wireless Camera can be detached very easily. So our advice is to use the original accessory there is very confined space between the wall mount and the camera, which can prevent 

Official NETGEAR Wall Mount Accessory: 


MPPT Useful Link:

Solar Design needs MppT Controller to Charge the batteries. See our article for MPT-7210A. This non-expensive suggestion is available on Amazon-Global Store.



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