SONY NWA45/B: A45 Series Hi-RES HiFi Walkman By SONY

 SONY NW-A45: A45 Series Hi-RES HiFi Walkman By SONY


  This topic is carrying the idea to help the young people and future customers in their search into the markets for a valuable Hi-Res Player. We will try to present as much as more actual information about current active devices, taking a gander easily to be seen all attractive promotions.

  Today we will introduce a matrix from hi-res walkmans By SONY, especially their A45 Series: from the third/quarter of 2017, till now, seeing the newest 2018 model.


PIC. 1  NEW 2018 Year MODEL Sony NW-A45/B


Let we begin with the last quarter of 2017 model – Sony NW-A45

Sony NW-A45 – Common to model Features:

  • Solid Body Structure,  
  • Comfortably fits into the palm,
  • User-friendly, intuitive and easy to navigate ideology, 
  • Large enough 3.1″- inches LED Backlight Display,
  • Hot Rated Color Options:
    • RED,
    • GREEN,
    • GOLD,
  • Micro SD Card extension slot – UP to 128 GB;
  • Product Dimensions:
    • 2.2″ x 3.84″ x 0.4″-inches,
  • Weight:
    • 8.5 ounces,
    • 240 g.



VIDEO 1.  Sony Walkman: NW-A45 Review


 Sony NW-A45 16GB High-Resolution Digital Music Player Walkman Red


 Sony NW-A45 16GB High-Resolution Digital Music Player Walkman Green


 Sony NW-A45 16GB High-Resolution Digital Music Player Walkman Gold




The Newest 2018 Model comes in two colors:

  • Sony NW-A45/B Moonlit Blue,
  • Sony NW-A45/B Grayish Black,


 Sony NW-A45/B Walkman with Hi-Res Audio, Grayish Black (2018 Model)


 Sony NW-A45/B Walkman with Hi-Res Audio, Moonlit Blue (2018 Model)


 Sony NW-A45/B  2018 – KEY Features:

  • Built-in 16GB of memory – expandable via micro SD Card, e.g. 128GB, 
  • Two Colors:
    • Moonlit Blue,
    • Grayish Black,



  • Leather Case:


OLDER Models:




  • Powerful Output: L:35mW + R:35mW  on 16Ω each In-Ear Headphones,
  • CD sound source or other Compressed Audio files could be processed/up-scaled in hi-RES Varian Using “DSEE HX” Functionality,
  • Digital noise canceling,
  • Included Headphones, 

  The Digital Noise Canceling over the High-Resolution Format of Datastream brings all-new level in a User’s listening experience, enriching a fat list with the attractive features.

 SONY NW-A37HN (B) Charcoal Black: 


 SONY NW-A37HN (Y) Lime Yellow:




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