S.M.S.L. IQ SABRE 9018Q2C High Fidelity USB DAC

  The USB-DAC is one Perfect Solution for those people of audiophiles, who want to use their Smart Devices, e.g. iOS Smartphones for listening to Super-Quality Hi-Resolution Direct Sound Digital Music.

  Let’s see one immersive new Model USB DAC:


  This is Top-Grade Audiophile USB DAC Stereo Headphone Amplifier, with amazing 125dB Dynamic Range and, supporting Direct Signal Digital: up to DSD512 – 32bit/768kHz.

PIC. 1  SMSL IQ UBS DAC Headphone Amplifier

SMSL IQ UBS DAC – Key Features:

  • Ultimate Audiophilic PCB design – See PIC. 2,
  • High-Resolution Lossless File Support, 
  • Ultra-Compact Body, 
  • Dimensions:
    • 3.7 x 2.2 x 0.3 inches,
  • Weight: 
    • 7 ounces,

Audio Parameters:

  • THD – Total Harmonic Distortion < 0.0003%,
  • Signal-To-Noise Ratio: > 118dB, 
  • Dynamic Range: > 125dB,
  • Dual DAC chips ESS SABRE 9018Q2C,
  • Professional Grade Noiseless Audio Amplifiers, 
  • Balanced and Unbalanced Audio Output for external Headphones,
    • 3.5mm – Balanced – 3 pole jack,
    • 2.5mm – Unbalanced – 4 pole jack,
  • Built-in USB1.1 & BSB 2.0 Modes,
  • USB 1.1 
    • Supports 24bit/96kHz,
    • Compatible with most Smartphones, 
    • No need driver installation,
  • USB 2.0  
    • Supports PCM 32bit/768kHz and DSD512.
    • For iOS system: no need driver installation,
  • Charge Voltage:
    • DC 5V,

  Depend on used Headphones impedance, there is a list of power over corresponding load resistance:

  • Headphone Amplifier Rated Output Power: 
    • Balanced: 
      • 32 Ω – 91mW, 
      • 64 Ω – 78mW, 
    • Unbalanced: 
      • 32 Ω – 55mW,
      • 64 Ω – 33mW,


See the Package:

  • S.M.S.L. IQ portable USB DAC & headphone amplifier – 1pcs. 
  • USB A to USB B – 1 pcs. 
  • 1x Micro USB to Micro USB – 1 pcs. 
  • 1x Micro USB to type C – 1 pcs. 


  The Manufacturer satisfies more pretentious users with whole three color variants:

Silver, Gold, and Black.


  Now, let we take a look, what hides behind the enclosure’s cover


PIC. 2  S.M.S.L. DSD PCB Design

    There are 3.3Volt Powered ESS – SABRE9018Q2C Integral DACs, ensuring the Professional Like Studio Top-Quality of 125 dB Dynamic Range! 

   DSD Design involves both the Low-Frequency and High-Frequency Audio Design, where all grounding and all PCB tracks need to be routed with very special understanding and knowing the mattery. Equalizing the differential pairs length is very important. It allows, useful signal to be separated in a great level from eventual phase Noises, reaching the extremely high ratios of Dynamic Range and negligible Crosstalk from the neighbor channel.  


  The Symmetry In One Audiophile Design Is As Important As The Usage Of Top-Grade Components! 




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