National Geographic Pro: New Foldable Tool For Finding A Treasure

  National Geographic Pro: New Foldable Tool For Finding A Treasure.

  In Searching for a Perfect Present…

  Many of us, when was young had a dream to find a golden treasure! During the life progress, through the years, The Dream for finding the Lost all-golden city minimizes to even one golden coin… The metal detectors are the “Professors” of this very special science matter…

  Today, we will present you all-New Compact Foldable Metal detector.

PIC. 1 National Geographic Pro Series – Foldable Metal Searching Detector

National Geographic Pro Series Metal Detector – Key Features:

  • Great Foldable Design, ready to work for a few Seconds,
  • 10”-inch waterproof detection coil,
  • Intuitive Control,
  • Simple LCD display,
  • Audio alert metal detection,
  • Audio volume adjustment, 
  • Headphone jack for External Headphones,
  • MODES:
    • 3 detection modes to filter out “garbage” metals
    • 4 sensitivity modes to detect treasure
    • Max Selectivity: Can find up to 10 inches underground
    • Precision Search using a Pinpoint function.

This Not expensive Metal Detector can be easily carried in a backpack, so searching and FINDING any golden rings, necklaces or coins, lost on a beach’s sand is quite likely.

  National Geographic Pro low cost is a very attractive way to become yours! Where you can find really Quality Metal Detector Device, with a foldable Design – One great Benefit for approx. 160 USD?   

  That’s Correct, nowhere!

  Well, that’s why, Dear our very special treasure hunters – hurry up, until the promotion is still active, and make you choice! 


National Geographic Pro Series: New Foldable Metal Detector:


 The National Geographic Pro Series Metal Detector – a dream of childhood accomplished!




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