The Multimeters: What’s new on the market?

 Today Topic:  The Multimeters: What’s new on the market?

  These much-complicated at a first glance measuring devices are an inseparable part of the inventory of every electrician, automotive service, and electronics hobbyist.

  Moreover, such a type of multi-functional meter of the main electric parameters is increasingly found in the equipment of well-trained motorists, as well as in the widget drawer of many young technically literate people.

  Looking for a disposable battery, rechargeable battery or lead-acid, Li-ion battery, there are not many options to guess the battery Condition State – known as charge level! 

  An objective judgment is most general cases is easily achieved using a measuring electronic or electro-mechanical voltage meter. The Second Style is a little bit “old-fashioned”, less precise and not often seen in nowadays. So, today we are going to talk about the High-Integrated electronic measuring tools, known as Multimeters.

  We prepared a list of new, actual models with a lot of “significant extras”, help to their users have an advance, accuracy, comfort, and flexibility in process of measurement.

  Selecting Good and User-friendly Multi-measuring Tool is a quite simple work, even though, If you accept the simple life’s rule: Buy the most expensive One …

  And YES, and NO!   There are some “underwater rocks”…   

  MULTIMETER:  Still when we said, behind the name of this multifunctional measuring tool is hidden the basis of possible problems.  

  The most often fault is a fault of Kind: When Measuring the Battery, or LEAD Accumulator, or This is most awesome and very bad situation of measuring the AC Line Voltage when the Measurer is configured to be used in serial connection to measure current !!!  

  Then, the powerful Power Source completely damages the Measurer, even they have ultra fast fuses. This is fault measuring of “Voltage drop over the Current Sensor in Current mode”.  Normal voltage drop is 0.01 to 0.1V on 10Amps.

  Imagine how amps are through the system, of Multifunctional Switch Selector/GoldPlated PCB Tracks Based + Fuse Resistance + Wires + Shunt Resistor + PCB Traces at 120 or 230V AC …

  With the risk of repeating, saying it is not the best idea to buy multifunctional meters with just three buckets for measuring probes! 

  Now, we will explain why we think so?  What strange we see at one cheap multimeter with only three banana’s jacks: 


  In almost every case the “3-banana” Multimeter has next SYmbolics or names for each one of its Input Banana’s Jacks:


  1st Banana Jack Symbol:  Voltage, Current, Resistance, Diode Junction, Capacitance etc. 

  V for Voltages / mA – For Current / Fuse Protected or UNFUSED/, Symbols of Diode, Ω for Resistance, 

  V, mA – Internally Connected To Positive Electrode Circuitry / accepted as a world standard RED Colored Wire.


  2nd Banana Jack Symbol:  

  COM – It is Common Electrode – connected to Negative Probe / accepted as a world standard Black Colored Wire. 


  3rd Banana Jack Symbol:

  10A or 20A Fast Fused Positive electrode for measuring the large Currents – e.g. 10, 20 and over … Amperes. Internally Connected to Fuse and Serial Current Mode Measuring LOW Resistance Precise Shunt Resistor.

As the honorable readers can see, First Banana Jack have symbols, especially V and mA, In addition to selecting the multi-position switch, you also have to change a connecting scheme.

  V – For Voltage Measurement is using a Parallel way of connecting over the Measured Power Supply or Battery Voltage Source.

 mA – For Current Measurement, That means the Measuring Tool Need to be attached in a serial connection between the Power Supply Source and Load – Lamp, Motor, Heater, etc.

Well, there is a culmination of a today Multimeter’s theme: “The Underwater Rocks”

  Example: You Are controlling the Voltage over the Charging Lead-Accumulator – Using Parallel Schematic of Connecting. 

  The Interesting Measuring Tool and its multi-positional switch are like a magnet to small children or curious young people. Just passing near to your measurement setup and accidentally shifting the Selection Multi-position switch to a current measuring position!!!  In the exactly this moment – the moment of switching, the dozens of amps flowing and even larger flow values burn down the switches of the switch if it is not protected by a superfast fuse – which is also quite expensive. 


  The Link just below points to one very Expensive Measurement Tool FLUKE MODEL: 289 True-RMS Stand Alone Logging Multimeter.

  Here, but not always, the wealthy people’s strategy: “Buy the most expensive one!” is working very well…

  As you can see there aren’t any collisions with Voltage and Current Measurement. These different kinds of schematic connection and value interpretations have different and completely separate electrical paths with separate banana jacks. 


  Now, you can see this NEW Quality Multimeter:  


Southwire 14090T Key – Features:

  • Four Banana Jacks With Separate AC, DC Voltages, Low Current, and High Current measurements.
  • Built-In Bluetooth: The BT Integration is allowing very easily to be supervised in a Real-Time all measurement via Smartphone, Tablet or Laptop Software Application.
  • Complete Protection: Level IP 68 of Water resistance.




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