High Technology: Dual Screen, Foldable Smartphones

  High Technology: Dual Screen, Foldable Smartphones 

  New Smartphone Technology: 

  Smartphones, as well as phablets and tablets have become very popular electronic devices. The trend in a sales of today modern smartphones & tablets has impressive growth than the laptops and desktop PCs, so selling Smart devices is going be the most profitable niche!   Today Theme has the main goal to inform/learn you, our dear readers with the newest technologies in these interesting Customer Electronics niches.

  Let we remember, The old Large Mobile, 15 Day in Stand mode with a good old GSM, Compact Palm Based Mobile, First Smartphone, Tablets, Phablets, etc.

  Today we will add two more hi-tech revolutionary devices… 


VIDEO 1.  The Dual Screen, Foldable Smartphone Is REAL!

DURATION: 5:59 minutes

  The Next level of the technological advance is a foldable Screen. 

  Yes. It’s not a joke. Flexible Thin Screen! See the Announcement.


VIDEO 2.  SAMSUNG  Galaxy X Official Video 

DURATION: 3:58 minutes


VIDEO 3.  Samsung Galaxy X – 7 Years in Making | Finally Here 2018!

DURATION: 6:59 minutes

  They Were working for 7 Years in a searching the way or technology or even a conception for a foldable screen. At least they found it!

  Let’s see this amazing invention… Watch on VIDEO 3.