Kind of Speakers: Subwoofers, Middle-Range, Tweeters

  Different Kinds of LoudSpeakers: Subwoofers, Middle-Range, Tweeters

  The speaker Types…

  In Audio acoustic design, every used part has its own a main significant importance. Amplifier, Speaker Box, Acoustic Insulation, Speakers.

  Today we will talk about the basic devices in one acoustic system… 

  Let we Guess! Of Course, You Guessed:

  The Basic used items are the Loudspeakers or simply Speakers:

  Depends on the covered Frequency range, in the near past they were divided into three different groups:

  Extremely Low Frequency – Basses – near the low-limit of the human’s hearing ability: 20 Hz – named:  Subwoofers. The subwoofer’s useful Range is from 10Hz – 180Hz,

  Speakers reproducing Low-Frequencies or Basses: Often Named: Woofers – Useful Range from 40HZ – 500Hz,  

  Covering Middle Frequencies Range: The Speakers covering the Middle-Frequency Spectrum: Midrange Speakers

  Speakers reproducing high-frequencies or Treble: Often Named: Tweeters – with audio reproduction range / 5KHz – 20KHz / in common case, or even more /Up to 50KHz/ named Super Tweeters.  

  We made a video selection closely related to a today topic theme. 

  Next Video will give detailed information for Subwoofer construction: 


VIDEO 1.  Subwoofer Parts Explained

DURATION 12:03 minutes


Next Video From Techquickie is trying to Describe The Voice Coils in their customary funny way.

VIDEO 2.   What are Voice Coils?

DURATION 7:09 minutes


  Next Video suggestion is from famous Discovery Science Channel Learning Series:

VIDEO 3.  Loudspeakers – How do they do it? 

DURATION 4:48 minutes


 Now, we will be proud of you, if even a small part of readers feel a kind: educationally enriched. 


 Well, the work doesn’t stop here.  When you are familiar with Speaker types enough, We would like your Next Step to be a Creation of your own DIY Soundbar!

You will say: This is “The Mission Impossible!” – Let we see Next Video:

VIDEO 4.  DIY Homemade HiFi Soundbar (REAL)

DURATION 11:04 minutes


VIDEO 5.  DIY Portable Bluetooth Speaker Build | Carbon and Vinyl

DURATION 18:13 minutes


VIDEO 5.  Portable Bluetooth Speaker Build || HOW TO

DURATION 24:36 minutes




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