Nuraphone: The Symbiosis of in-ear and over-the-ear Headphones By NURA

  Nuraphone: The Symbiosis of in-ear and over-the-ear Headphones By NURA 

  Have you ever see the Headphones which are the symbiosis or combination of in-ear and over-the-ear 

  Today’s topic has two main goals.

  First, we want to keep you informed about every significant news, in a world

  Last, but not at least we are pleased to introduce the New and coolest NURA’s Nuraphone Headphones

  At a first glance, The Nuraphone headphones vision is a kind unusual.

  Some preconceived people have been said, that the combination of in-ear and over-the-ear headphones 2-in-1 is irregular and absurd.

  Let we see is it correct…

PIC. 1  NURA Nuraphone BT Wireless Headphones

NURA Nuraphone BT Wireless Headphones – Key Features:

  • In-ear and over-the-ear technology at once,
  • The only Hypoallergenic silicones and top-quality metals, and plastics material are used,
  • Sonic moulding™, 
  • Bluetooth apt-X HD supporting Wireless Design,
  • Inova™,
  • Dual layer sound isolation,
  • High-grade external stereo microphones for calls, 
  • Vivid acoustic immersion,
  • Max 20 hours continuous playback, 
  • Li-Ion Rechargeable battery:
  • Dual Connectivity: Wireless or wired.
  • Dimensions:
    • 190mm x 170mm x 88mm,
  • Weight:
    • 329 g.


PIC. 2  NURA Nuraphone Headphones – Ideology


VIDEO 1. I’ve Never Tried Anything Like It… 


This headset exactly fits the newest DAP Players, supporting apt-X HD sound.

AGPTEK H3 HIFI Hi-RES Music Player:

Never lost a courage to try even absurd at first glance things!

They could be a “flame” of a new technical Revolution or 

next most significant discovery!


{Source: NURA }



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