Organizing The Mess of Adapters, Chargers, and Cables

  Organizing The Mess of Adapters, Chargers, and Cables

  Cables, Original or spare Charger’s Equipment, Devices from the newest smartphone to the old faithful GSM, navigation, phablet, small tablet or large-sized tablets – if we need to characterize charging process about these devices using single one word – Mess!

  Mobile and Smart Devices are seriously invaded in our everyday life.

  Just Look around you, and, if you are one of the 3-billion active internet users – you will probably see a lot of smart mobile devices, scattered all around…

  If these devices are switched-on, independently, in a Stand-By mode or in Use, they continuously consuming their rechargeable batteries’ electrical energy.

  The accumulated electricity, actually, is a two-directional chemical reaction with two separate states.

  1st State – The Charging:

  The First or Basic State Battery’s internal chemistry cycle is The Charging or a cycle of accumulating energy from a DC Source, known simply as – A charger.

  2nd State – The Discharging:

  The second State of the battery’s internal chemical reaction is allowing continuously discharging – providing Electricity, e.g. Powering the devices, etc.

  As everyone understands, the only rest moment for these batteries is the moment of the recovery procedure of charging by the AC-DC Charger.

  There is coming next problem – how many free ac wall outlets have in your house, office, etc. ?

  Many will say a significant part of asked – This is O.K.

  But, They are scattered and evenly distributed in separate rooms or rooms. If you are using standard original charging equipment with multiple discrete AC/DC Adapters.

  This Fact is Exactly the next problem, not necessarily & automatically, but it could generate chaos and mess.

  Imagine, all these wall outlets with descending, like snake cables, falling to the floor, the chair, or backward to the table, where is negligibly placed expensive, not rarely 1kUSD costing Devices.

  The Mess’ price is often very expensive. But, Let we stop using this banal word and start to explain the next part of our plan – the Decision:

  The Decision: Eternal winner in the battle with a chaos is – an order!   

  Solving the task is very simple if you are using next organizer Charger:



  Multiple USB Charger Station, 60W/12A 8-Port Desktop Charger Charging Station Multi Port Travel Fast LCD Wall Charger Hub with Silicone Dock & Organizer

  You can Choose from 4 different colors of Holder: Blue, Pink, Grey, Black and combining them with a White 60 Watts (8 x 2.4A) or 12 Amps overall Output Current charger with 8 independent  Full Power USB Outputs. 



  We Wish you success in a battle with a chaos!




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