How To Upgrade SONY HAP-S1 from 0.5 to 1TB

  How To Upgrade SONY HAP-S1 Hi-RES Digital Player’s Internal Memory Space from 500 GB to 1 TB

   First of all, it is good to be useful. Here’s why we’re directing you to a video that explains how to replace the maybe 500-pound hard drive with a double-by-a-one new one.  

   One of the modest goals of today topic is to help people who want or intend to upgrade their beautiful SONY’s Hi-RES Player SONY HAP-S1. 

PIC. 1 Sony HAP-S1/HAPS1 0.5TB Hi-Res Music Player System


  In addition to enthusiasm, two screwdrivers, and a hot cocoa beverage, of course, they also need a new 2.5 inch HDD with 1TB Capacity. All additional details are well explained in related VIDEO 1


Topic Contents:



VIDEO 1.  See How to Upgrade Your Sony’s HAP-S1 Hi-Res Player HDD from 0.5 to 1TB

DURATION: 10:21 minutes

Video 1.  Content:

0:21 min. – Start Unscrewing from the Back-Panel Side.

1:07 min. – Side Plates uncovering. First, it needs to be removed 2 locking white screws.

1:29 min. – Push into the squire holes with a needle or pick-shaped object to unlock the side plates and slide them through the rear side direction. 

After Unscrewing 10 screws, the Covering Top Plate is free to pick-up.

2:16 min. – Unscrewing HDD – Hard drive. Disconnect Power and Interface Connectors. 

3:35 min. – Unmount two metallic plates (unscrewing 4 screws) from old HDD and puts them on the new HDD, Screwing again.

5:28 min. – Attach Power & Interface Connectors,

9:05 min. – Puts Power and Configure Device, Pointing Facture Reset / Default Settings.


Voila: The Job is Done…



VIDEO 2.  Sony HAP-S1 REVIEW – “Using A Hi-Res Audio player to resurrect my ripped CDs”

DURATION: 11:19 minutes


  For those, who want more space and don’t want to “see into the  “Music Box Hardware “, also have and are ready to spend enough more money –  they need complete Hardware update!

  This “Rough approach” is to buy all-new Device.

  A Giant Like a Sony, of course, has the 1TB suggestion:

Sony HAPZ1ES 1TB Hi-Res Music Player System




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