RF-D100BT: Authentic, Vintage Portable Radio By Panasonic

  RF-D100BT: Vintage Portable Radio By Panasonic

  Today, we are planning to show you a freshly announced new DAB Vintage Portable Radio Receiver from Panasonic. In 2018, when was celebrating the historical 100 years from the foundation of the Panasonic Corporation, the company policy stays like a rock stable – to develop High-Quality, Durable, Clean & Modern Devices, with a thought to consumers, and using only user-friendly interfaces and controls.

  Taking a look the featured Image of Today’s topic, we see one clean Radio Receiver design, bearing the aroma of the recent past! 

  Twenty years ago, we had been simply said for it a ‘modern or, even fashionable”.

  Let’s us focus on Today Theme: Panasonic RF-D100BT Vintage Portable Radio

  The Panasonic’s specialists said for It: “RF-D100BT is an Authentic, Classic and Modern DAB+ RADIO Receiver”.

  At a first Glance, this Pure User-oriented Radio Receiver has many buttons for direct access to built-in functions. It is not bad to have 10 Watts R.M.S. Stereo output with a Full Acoustic spectrum from deep, elastic basses maiden from two 2.5″ full Range woofers, Bass reflex port and uses a special insulation technique to spatial natural high-frequency audio reconstruction.


PIC. 1  Panasonic RF-D100BT: New DAB+ Radio Receiver

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Let we list the Panasonic RF-D100BT – Key features:

  • Using high-quality Components and Original Materials as Wood and Aluminium,
  • Aluminium Front Panel with hypnotizing speaker’s grille perforations,
  • Wooden Frame with 4 pretty conical pads, 
  • 10Watts R.M.S. Pure Audio Output / Ac powered,
  • DAB / DAB+ Support,
  • RDS – Radio Data System Function,
  • Auto-Tune mode, 
  • Sound EQ (Flat/Heavy/Soft/Clear/Vocal)
  • Two comfortable Dial wheels:
    • Volume,
    • Tune / Menu Select,
  • Dot-Matrix Display,
  • Wired Connectivity:
    • USB,
  • Wireless Connectivity:
    • Bluetooth,
  • Two Power Sources:
    • AC Adapter – Audio Output is 10Watts – 2 x 5Watts,
    • Integrated Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery – Then the Audio output is 5Watts – 2 x 2.5Watts


  The Radio’s wireless support allows the user to connect different smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices using Bluetooth A2DP technology.

  The DAB+ Radio Receiver has dual Power sources: AC Adapter for powering & Charge, and Built-in Rechargeable Battery for stand-alone power operation.



Pricing at Amazon UK

RF-D100BT: Vintage Portable Radio By Panasonic

Updated January 2019


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