How To Create Cheap Solar Mobile Charger

  How To Create Cheap Solar Mobile Charger

  When you are on a mountain, far-far away from any GSM Repeaters, Amplifiers and Cell’s Antennas, your mobile or smartphone uses much more power when is connected to use Cellular Data, until you are browsing or just for mobile voice communication. That’s why, even on a sunny day, the battery goes down more quickly than the same time in the city.

  If you are planning to stay for a few days on a mountain, you definitely need to be equipped – buying the same kind of solar charger or DIY – Do it yourself.

  Basic Requirements:

  • General Purpose Solar Panels with Combine power of 10Watts and U-no-load Voltage equal to 12-18 Volt.
  • Soldering Iron, Measuring V-Meter, Wires, Tin… Some Basic Skills and patience…
  • Some Hardware Part – / for now I keep it in secret, but will be described below in a text /, converting PV Voltage to Mobile Devices “Friendly & Supported” Charging Voltage. 


  Don’t worry! It is Easy, there are no needed аny special Skills – it is enough to can hold a soldering Iron, to do some soldering and to use a measuring Volt-meter – see the text below! 

  Аs we have just said: Today’s design clue is the transformation of Received via PV Panels Solar energy to Mobile Devices “Friendly & Supported” Charging Voltage – it is, e.g. 5V USB-Slot A.

  There is a tricky part I have been discovered and now explaining to you. I will not “torment” you any longer with waiting…

  The decision is a quite simple and obvious: this hardware part of project stays in almost any car’s glove compartment: The Discrete USB Converter to Use in a cigarette socket. The Converter has wide Input Voltage range – compatible and covering the standards of 12 Volt car network: E.G. Uin= 9-36 Volt /10-40 automotive range capability.

   You are a step away to whole design understanding. 

   You Need to USE your hidden ability and creativity to Fix Solar panels over the Backpack or over the sheet of strong fabric. The Wire Connections need to stay hidden, and the PV Panel must be glued with a kind of rubber glue. Cigarette Lighter DC-DC Converter Example will see in Amazon’s Banner Below. The Converter’s central electrode has a Positive polarity, One From Dual Periphery Electrodes or both need to be connected to Negative Lead of Solar Panel.  

   See Our Example Selection:


  Next Wonderful Pack will allow you to create locked polarity detachable wire connection for all your PV panels – parallel mode only, or the easier Extention if you need to Add more Solar power or more USB Outputs.


  NOW, The DIY Charger is ready! It will be always ready to charge! It only needs direct sunlight. 

  Of Course, on a mountain, there is a plenty of light!  You Will be the next Happy User of FREE ENERGY!  


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Let’s There Be Solar Power, Dear Hikers And Mountain Enthusiasts!




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