Apple HomePod – An Immersive Siri Speaker By APPLE

  Apple HomePod – An Immersive Smart Siri Speaker By APPLE.

   We are just about how Apple’s answers to Amazon Echo and Google Home devices.

   Here is an Apple freshly released Smart Speaker:

   Apple HomePod – immersive sound from the newest Siri Speaker By APPLE.

At a glance: 

  They Were Waiting … As a wise wizard, the Apple left the other players in the business or, more precisely, in the niche with smart wireless speakers to play and the time comes to join the game. Their player is called: 

  Apple HomePod: All-New Smart Siri Speaker from Apple




Apple HomePod Smart Siri Speaker – Main Benefits:

  • Deep Bass with custom Apple’s Woofer
  • Ultra Correct and High-Linear Audio reconstruction design
  • Built-in Siri Functionality, 
  • Circular Array with Six High-Sensitive Microphones,
  • Exceptional Sound in all hearable Range, 
  • Virtuous 3Dimensional Voice Recognition. 
  • Available in two Colors: White and Space Grey
  • 7-inches tall.


VIDEO 1. HomePod is Apple’s “Siri Speaker”

  The Audio Specialist from Apple are fairytales famous with their perfectionism.

  Not to be taken as a boasting or general talk, but get random their product -it is as good sounds as it looks, it means perfectly! 

  High Dynamic Range, Noiseless Op-Amps, Hi-Res DSD, DSP Audio-Postprocessing…  Time correction, Microphone’s Boosters of Dynamics and many noise-canceling technics.

  Custom Woofer ensures Elastic and deep reconstruction low-frequencies – Basses, and 360-degree spatial room presence of Exceptional Sound in a whole hearable range is based on a unique 7-tweeters design.


Let’s see Next Three VIDEOS from Apple Support:


VIDEO 2.  How to adjust HomePod settings — Apple Support

DURATION 0:56 minutes.


VIDEO 3.  How to use touch controls on HomePod — Apple Support

DURATION 0:57 minutes.


VIDEO 4.  How to use Siri to play music on HomePod — Apple Support  

DURATION 1:03 minutes.

Top-Quality Audio Design Allows You Not Simply To Listen To,

But Hear Every Sound Nuance! 




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