PAW GOLD: Ultimate 24K Gold DAP By LOTOO

  Following the LOTOO DAP line, started in our previous post, today we are continuing with a LOTOO’s TOP-END Reference Personal Digital Audio Player.

  As you can see text below, simultaneously with a brain taking audio parameters, covered in multiple tests in process of certification, there is a Parts of full metallic design, plated with Pure Electrolytic Clean 24 Karats of GOLD. 

 HiFi or High Fidelity, Hi-RES or High-Resolution Support, 24 Karats of Gold, Ultimate Audio Characteristics, Complete Noiseless Design with Gorgeous values for Dynamic Range and Signal to Noise Ratio, within an only theoretical THD+N value of 0.00036%…

PIC. 1  PAW GOLD: Ultimate 24K Gold DAP By LOTOO

PAW GOLD – Key Features: 

  • Powerful DSP from Analog Devices:
    • ADSP-BF514 Blackfin 514 Core DSP,
  • Immersive Audio Reconstruction,
  • 1.8″-inch OLED Display,
  • DAC IC:
    • TI PCM1792
  • Ultra-Low Noise Amplifier Chips:
    • TI LME49600,
  • DSD:
    • Supported Rates Up to DSD: 2.8MHz,
    • PCM: 32-192KHz,
  • Wired Connectivity:
    • USB 3.0 – Data Transfer Speeds up to 90MB/sec., Firmware Update is Supported, 
    • SPDIF: Digital Connectivity to the home entertainment System,
    • Balanced headphones Output using 2.5mm jack, 
    • Unbalanced – Standard Headphones Output using 3.5mm jack, 
    • Line Out / SPDIF via an additional 3.5mm jack,
  • Audio Parameters: 
    • Nonlinearity in dB for a whole human’s hearable Range { 20-20000Hz } below 0.06 dB, 
    • Nonlinearity in dB for a Range { 5Hz – 50 kHz } +/- 1 dB, 
    • Total Harmonic Distortion Level plus Noise – THD+N:
      • Line Output: below 0.00036% for range { 20-20000Hz},
      • Headphones Output: below 0.00058% for range { 20-20000Hz},
      • Dynamic Range: 121 dB
      • Channel Separation : -119 dB,
    • Balanced Output with 2.5mm jack, 
    • Output Impedance 1/2 ohms, 
    • Max Audio Output:  15+dBu,
    • 500mW output on 32 Ohms Headphones’ Impedance,
  • Wireless Connectivity:
    • Bluetooth Interface 4.0,
  • Full format Support, 
  • Super Quick Interface, 
  • Fast-2,3 sec. Start, Fast Shutdown,
  • Only 3 sec. READY to play with full 128GB card,
  • Bundle Includes 128GB microSD Card as a Gift, 
  • Max Capacity of 2TB for SDHC/SDXC type SD card,
  • Long Lasting Rechargeable Battery:
    • Type: Lithium-Polymer Battery,
    • Capacity: 22Wh,
  • Dimensions: 
    • 60mm x 104mm x 25.4mm,
  • Weight:
    • 280 g.

  All metallic Body with a few details plated with pure 24 karats of GOLD, heavy and solid on touch while is handling.


VIDEO 1.  Lotoo PAW Gold – Portable Digital Reference Level Audio Player – Unboxing & Review

If you like to see the PAW GOLD Device Uncovered, follow the attached link:

 { Source: Analog Devices,





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