PAW 5000: HiFi Hi-RES DA Player By LOTOO

  PAW 5000: HiFi Hi-RES DA Player By LOTOO

  As you already guess, with today topic we will be pointing, again and again, the discussion focus on the Digital Audio Players.

  Small, Smart, Ultimate Sound reconstruction, with an amazing 2TB max, supported capacity of memory storage via microSD Card.

  Lightweight Design: The PAW 5000 is specially designed for sports usage – including activities like jogging fitness, cycling, hiking, climbing, etc. 


 PIC.1  PAW 5000: High Fidelity Hi-RES Sports Digital Audio Player By LOTOO

PAW 5000 – Key Features:

  • Amazing High-Resolution Lossless Music Files Audio Reconstruction Characteristics,
  • 2″-inch Color LCD Display, 
  • Powerful DSP:
    • ADSP-BF514: from Analog Devices,
  • Wearable:
    • Wearable Clip,
    • Sports Arm Belt, 
  • DSD:
    • Supported Rates Up to DSD: 2.8MHz,
    • PCM: 32-192KHz,
  • Wired Connectivity:
    • USB 3.0, Firmware Update is Supported, 
    • SPDIF: Digital Connectivity to the home entertainment System,
    • Support Balanced headphones via 2.5mm jack, 
    • Standard Headphones using 3.5mm jack, 
    • Line Out/SPDIF using additional 3.5mm jack,
  • Audio Parameters: 
    • Nonlinearity in dB for all hearable Range { 20-20000Hz } is better than 0.5 dB, 
    • Signal to Noise Ratio – SNR is better than 94 dB,
    • Total Harmonic Distortion Level plus Noise – THD+N is lower than 0.007% for range { 20-20000Hz },
    • Balanced Output with 2.5mm jack, 
    • Output Impedance 1/2 ohms, 
    • 100mW output on 32 Ohms Headphones’ Impedance,
  • Wireless Connectivity:
    • Bluetooth Interface,
  • Full format Support, 
  • Super Quick Interface, 
  • Fast-2,3 sec. Start, Fast Shutdown,
  • Only 3 sec. READY to play with full 128GB card,
  • Included 32GB microSD Card, 
  • Dimensions: 
    • 98mm x 55mm x 17.5mm
  • Weight:
    • 0.24 lb/ 109 g.

  We have been described of many similar at first sight DAP Players. But, it is only at first sight.

  Besides, this particular model is very sophisticated, no any compromises are made between the used high-end parts, the reasonable middle price for an entry-level audiophile device, and an unprecedented quality of final product at all.

  This is a relation, revealing the Lotoo’s designers and hardware specialists the constant pursuit of perfection.

  The described model was firstly announced in the middle of 2016. It has a modern vision and still active design, with ultimate performance, and phenomenal audio characteristics for a price range, where, as an entry-level DAP Player it is positioned. 

  The Lotoo PAW 5000 is one wonderful suggestion for those Explorers, music lovers, and discoverers, who have or are even obsessed for many hours daily with fitness activity and sport.

  We will be happy if, even with a small part we can help on a process of searching for a perfect audiophile present!

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