Amazing Creativity Part 1: Marble Run Machine

  Amazing Creativity Part 1: Marble Run Machine

  Marble Run, Marble Race, Cardboard Games

  All the Human-beans have a distinctive feature in their character – the ability to create things: “A Creativity”.

  Many people have as a hobby, making any thinkable, even unthinkable with their complicity entertaining things, just with their two naked hands, only using a lot of creativity, a few tools, and some materials from the “scrap”.

  Now, let’s us present you one, not complicated, and very effect Marble running machine from the cardboard.

  Next Video will answer you the question: How to make Marble Run Machine From Cardboard? 

   A  Recipe for a Marble Run Cardboard Game:

  A Few cardboard sheets, Hot Glue Pistol and Glue sticks, some non-expensive additional items, and,  a lot of creativity and a few hours work & fun – The Perfect Mystery Mixture for a success – Many Hours with Games and Entertainments!  


VIDEO 1.  How to make Marble Run Machine From Cardboard (Marble Run, Marble Race)

DURATION 16:47 minutes


  For those who want to see the original market suggestions into an action, is the next Video.

VIDEO 2. Epic Marble Race Tournament Most Thrilling And Intense

DURATION 21:43 minutes



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