JGAURORA A5 – New 3D-Printer BY JGAurora

 JGAURORA A5 – New 3D-Printer BY JGAurora

  3D Printers are not only a whim, but a necessity for every well-equipped classroom with IT profiled or hobby laboratory.

  Today, we are introducing one new model by JGAURORA.

JGAURORA A5 – The ALL-NEW Precision 3D-Printer

PIC. 1  JGAURORA A5 3D Printer With the Highest Accuracy

JGAURORA A5 – Key Features:

  • Large Volume 3d printer Design with a moving Table,
  • Low Weight All Metalic Body, Spring Damped Table,
  • Super Quiet Work and high Accuracy of 3D Print.
  • Balanced and pre-heated platform. 
  • An innovative automatic material recognition system support, 
  • Multiple Protections:
    • Filament leakage detection, 
    • Power failure protection,
  • Perfect for Home and Classrooms in a school. 
  • JGAURORA A5 Build Object Dimensions:
    • 305mm x 305mm x 320mm,
    • 12″ x 12″ x 12.6″- inch,

Best for prototyping or just for fun, the 3D-printing is very engaging, perfect for tons of hours activity!




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