LED Projects – Infinite Mirror Designs

  LED Projects – Infinite Mirror Designs

  Updated April 2019

  The Infinite Mirror is produced when we have placed two glass surfaces – first or front part “A” is a glass with mirroring film layer from the rear side – pointing to the enclosure volume with reflecting ability of 50 to 80 percent of all incoming light. This effect uses in mirror sunglasses. The Second part, or the “Bottom”, is made by Normal 100 % Reflecting mirror.

  The Wonder of this effective project comes when we insert a light source in front of semi-transparent / semi-reflective mirror plane. The light doing multiple reflections, depending on the observer’s sight view.

  Let’s we name this a “Passive Infinite Mirror”.

  Imagine the light source is hidden in space between

  Let’s we name this an “Active Infinite Mirror”.

  The Theory of “Active” Infinite mirror is a Quite simple – Lighting Source placed between two parallel Semi & Mirror Surfaces.

  There are so many possibilities for a Static, Complete Hardware of Program color Changing Light SOurce, situated inside the “Mirror Box”

  LED Infinity Mirror Ceiling Project:


VIDEO 1. LED Infinity Mirror Ceiling Project

Duration 3:39 minutes


Hardware Controlled Light – Based on the LM3915 IC:

VIDEO 2. Infinity Mirror Music VU Meter Electronics Project using LM3915 IC

Duration 4:30 minutes


Awesome Infinity Mirror Clock:

VIDEO 3.  Making An Awesome Infinity Mirror Clock (FS Woodworking)

Duration 4:28 minutes




LED Projects – Infinite Mirror Designs

Updated April 2019



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