BeoSound Shape: One Amazing Conception By B&O

 BeoSound Shape: One Amazing Conception By B&O

  Today we will try to think a little bit more modernistic.

  We are thinking and talking about the modern houses, namely the multimedia part of the interior!

  It is a super complicated theme and it is a matter of taste for million completely different profess users. 

  In So many user’s points of view and different requirements, to be given the common answer is looking a kind of impossible!

  The modest, clean and minimalistic design is growing, sometimes in small, on the other hand in larger, but always strong and confident steps.

  We are talking about the modern design in the symbiosis and the unison with nature. 

  Then we decided to ask little friend CPU Monkey, to help us into the choice.

  The main her task was to give us an idea or to find a modern and flexible- User’s defined design in a manner of creating amazing acoustic and visual influence, hidden under the simple but pleasant for senses visual structure – something like the painting and sculpture in one?

  If the CPU Monkey solves the Puzzle – you will judge yourself:

  BeoSound Shape: One Amazing Conception By B&O


  BeoSound Shape – See the Explanation:

VIDEO 1.  BeoSound Shape – Explained

  The B&O Hexagonal named Tile Can Be Amplifier, Speaker, 

  The B&O Are Professionals in every one aspect of their designer’s Grage Product.

  To Be Guaranteed the Perfect Acoustic Reconstruction, The Manufacturer set the Minimum Amount of Tiles: 6 – One Perfect Count

 Whether the use of cellular or honeycomb structure as a basis is the exact proof of my words – a minimalist design with unique combinability – in the practice there is an opportunity for an unlimited number of combinations – completely different in their shape and color or the color combinations.

 The Quick -” Sampling rate” of our daily routine into the “M A T R I X” is smashing our brains – generating many BAD “Clusters” dеstroing all our systems.

 High “RPMs” for doing the tasks are one, surely productive for employers, but completely destructive for employee way, causing an enervation of the immunity protection. 

 For a people, who the boredom takes the lead and we lost as auditory, simply use the X in the Upper-Right Corner.

 We are thankful, Reading until this stage of the text – their patience is measured nearly 8 points by 10 Step Grade…

 I understand the persons who like the music – it is one perfect way to relax.

 But, as everything which can be overdone, it is not necessarily kept in your ears non-stop all-day long the taps…


 Turn off the mobile – sound and Vibration, and why not switching off for an hour! Slow the blinds to minimize the ambient light.

 Insulate external noise for a maximal comfort and try to sleep – Yes, I’m not Kidding, Just Try To Sleep!

 For Me, the perfect gift, who everyone can do for yourself health, at all, do a short 45 min sleep, but not more – because you are going to another Sleep Zone.

  The Go asleep’s begin is perfect to start about 3-4 hours after the last launch – to be given enough time to the human’s body, for properly doing its metabolism.  

  Your dream will flow like а kind of “mediacy”. Waking up will bring you the feeling of rebirth.  I will say it is a kind of Restarting the System – After Halting The RESET Button.  this is from the hardware side point of view…


The Thinking Is A Very Sophisticated Process, Produced By Your Brain!

The Thinking is more productive process after exactly 45 Minutes of rest and a full relax!

 Don’t You Believe Me?

Why Not Try It!




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