Hobby Electronics: DIY a Spot Welding Machine

  Hobby Electronics: DIY A Spot Welding Machine 

  Our choice for Today’s topic is under the heading: Hobby Electronics: DIY a Spot Welding Machine. There is a lot of visual material on the Internet but today’s video is particularly eloquent. the artist, a creator or the constructor, I don’t know what to use as more correct characterizing the spirit with which the next videos is loaded.


VIDEO 1.  CHEAP Spot Welder DIY (using simple tools)


VIDEO 2. Homemade Spot Welding Machine


VIDEO 3. Pro Grade DIY Spot Welder


  The Main Used part is a Microwave’s Oven Powering Transformer. It Can be found in a defective or useless MWO. This It is a durable passive device, which can survive with high probability even the microwave is faulty.

  The More fragile are electronic parts and, of course, the Magnetron – The RF Field Transmitting Vacuum Tube.  But, do not fall into such detail, we are not a forum for repairing household appliances … Not yet!

  Any comments on golden hands leave to the respected viewer – it’s just a fantastic gift!

  Let’s see, what we need to do such impressive device?

  • The Main Part: Power Transformer. 
  • Silicone Insulated Large Area Wire: e.g. 35 square mm (35 mm2) or more.
  • Cutting, Separate and cleaning the secondary Winding -> Anode High Voltage Coil. 
  • When are used even only two turns of 35mm2 Large area Wire the transformer primary Magnetic field inducts into the improvised 2 – turns secondary coil Uout ~ 1.5 VAC and ability to produce an Impressive Iout current – more than a few hundred Ampers. The demonstration with melting and destructing of the metallic screws is a very indicative.
  • LOW Output Voltage is safe for humans’ and more animals/pets life.
  • Solid, Metallic Body Construction.
  • Durable and ergonomic single hand control.


Dear DIY Hobbyists, Share Your Skills And Achievements -They Are Real Wealth! 


PIC. 1  VINMAX 4 in 1 LCD Pulse Spot Welder Machine

Pro Grade Spot Welder & Iron Station:

  • Flexible Handheld Operation!

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