Are Digital Cameras Still Worth Buying? Let’s See!

 Are Digital Cameras Still Worth Buying?

  Today Topic is going to be the most interesting battle between two completely different products – united in only a small part of their main application. Today will be the battle between the rough, Heavy and stone-like rugged DSLR versus the lite, fragile, turbo-soap holders – named the Smartphones…

  Dear, Don’t forget, the “smart”phone isn’t made its user be smarter. Such a “non-intelligent – even stupid and nonsense” device is raised on a pedestal, calling it – “Smart”.

  Only The Humans are Smart (although, in some their activities, the main objects of their works unless the money profit, is a simple generator of global pollutions! Probably, only They couldn’t be called “smart”), neither any Electronic device!  The Phone can’t be “Smart”. The Situation is exactly the opposite! All this multimedia and Abstract & Virtual Reality maybe pull-back its owner advance… especially adolescents and Young People… How sad it is to look at the people sitting in the gardens and staring at the small and not so small blue screens. Just the little “Smart” Box is a prison for their souls!  These things are subjects of education, which is nearly connected with the parents’ “Personal Example”. But, this is another theme. 

  Every One Person has its own Truth – The right of choice. 

  Let’s see the Techquickie’s Point of View.



VIDEO 1.  Are Digital Cameras Still Worth Buying?

Duration 6:57 min.

Video Contents:

  • 0 – 1.00 min.  Introduction
  • 1:01 – 1:19 min.  Sells of Compact Photo Cameras are decreased in 10 times from 2010 to 2016 
  • 1:20 – 1:33 min.  Image Sensor Size – Large Sensor captures more Light and carries more video information.
  • 1:34 – 1:39 min.  Different Image Sensor’s Compared To the Size of their effective light-sensitive areas. 
  • 1:40 – 2:48 min.  “Smart” phones are highly integrated devices, so their Image sensor has a great limitation, related to its size.
  • 2:49 – 2:55 min.  Standalone Compact Photo cameras allow some advantages.
  • 2:56 – 3:10 min.  The Exposure Triangle – Critical parameter adjustment and dependence between an Aperture or (Depth of Field), ISO sensitivity or (Grain) and Shutter Opening Speed – giving the Sharpness of still images. 
  • 3:11 – 3:46 min.  “Smart” Phones are using only Fixed Lenses, w/o of Moving Mechanical Parts. – Aperture and Shutter Speed are software trick and they are only Simulated parameters.
  • 3:47 – 4:36 min.  E.G. Autofocus of SONY α6300 is only 50ms or 1/20 part of the second, until “Smart” phones in a situation of following or supervising to a fast moving object, can only record the… tilted frames, collecting the lagging images. POst-processing of “images” or Straightening, depends on the software possibilities of the SW Specialists into the manufacturer’s R&D team.
  • 4:37 min.  The Battery Life. Standalone Photo cameras can take many more pictures in one charge, than the smartphone.


   Dear Readers, Be Happy and stare at the small blue screen of your “Smart”phone less!

  Not only you could get some visual problems like glaucoma, but your brain, even very slowly, also goes …

  See the Nature of the Earth – until, it is still alive!


Every One Person Has Its Own Truth – The right of choice.




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