The Printers. How do they Work?

 The Printers. How do they Work?

  Have You ever been asking yourself: How do the Printers really work.

  These almost silent or a middle noisy (except the very loud old 9-pin matrix Printer, e.g. Star NL10 working similarly a planer KP 400 wood-working machine) small or not too small, edged or rounded strange enclosures over the far corner of the office table or the study desk.

The First Printing like works are have been made in 200’s – The Woodblock printing, in 1925 or 1725 years later is coming the DOT-Matrix Printer Technology. After that, it is the Ink-Jet Printing invention in 1950. The “modern” Laser printing Technology is from far, 1969 – not to forget and the most valuable step in this year: the Apollo 11 mission and the Very First Human’s Moon Landing July 20, 1969, The One Large Step for all People! 

Printing Inventions as Years – extract:

  • 200:  Woodblock printing,
  • 1925: Dot-Matrix Technology,
  • 1951: Ink-Jet Technology,
  • 1969: Laser-Jet Technology,

 The full list can be seen at Wikipedia-Link:


  Now, we say few words about this old, but already existing technology in old-style cash registering machines. The Dot-Matrix Printer is a typical example of impact using kind of Printing. The ink moving is done by line of thin cylinders – named “pins”, doing an impact to a paper letter through the ink-soaked fine fabric tape. The tape is endless – its begin and end are connected together. Using this simple mechanism, and slowly tape rotation, it is possible to overcome the mechanical and Ink exhausting for a long time period. The Tape can be replaced with new, or, if only the ink is drying, to be impregned again with fresh ink, in specialized for that service laboratories. 

  The Cylinders or pins are Hardware moving by Solenoid and ferromagnetic metallic plate system, software managed via driver as a column union of 9 vertical points – DOTs – characterizing the Matrix Like Symbol. The Horizontal movement of Printing HEAD in 1 column increments is made by Precise Stepper motor. The Vertical Movement Trough every 9-dots Symbol’s heigh is made By a Cylinder carrying the paper, also by proper Stepper Motor increments.


PIC. 1  The Used “Head” from 9-Pin DOT-Matrix Printer, compared to the standard carbon pencil tip


  For Describing the next two Technologies, namely: The Ink-Jet and Laser technology, we suppose to use the visual materials, for best understanding.

  Let’s see the Videos. 

  The First Video explains the Canon’s Bubble Jet Printing Technology 

VIDEO 1.  CanonBubble Jet Technology 

Duration 12:19 min.


 The Next Video Explains the Laser Technology for monochrome printing.

VIDEO 2. Lexmark Laser Technology Presentation

Duration 4:46 min.


The Next Video Explains the Laser Technology used for COLOR printing.

VIDEO 3.  How a Color Laser Printer Works — Inside an HP® 2600 Toner Cartridge

Duration 2:18 min.


  If  You are already “bifurcated”, which technology is more suitable for you, you probably will have the interest to see the next video:

VIDEO 4. Inkjet vs. Laser Printers – Which one is right for you?

Duration 7:35 min.


Innovative Ideas!

DIY – Refill Laser-Jet Printer Tonner Cartridge:

VIDEO 5. How to refill laser printer HP cartridges HP 36A, 78A, 88A international standards…

Duration 6:25 min.


? Tech Zone:

  Why the Ink-Cartridge or InkJet Printer’s manufacturers are probably hiding the information about next fact?

Let’s see the videos. 

VIDEO 6. How to get more out of your ink cartridge



VIDEO 7. Printer Ink Secret, Revealed!


  If you remember even a small portion of what you read today, this will be great victory and reward for our efforts. 


{Source: Wikipedia }




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