How Do The Things Work: The Electric Car

  How Do The Things Work: The Electric Car.  

   In Large cities, where air pollutions have a big scale, many governments are getting strong rigors, encouraging the use of electrically powered vehicles – simply named: electric cars. Аs they will become an increasing part of our daily lives.

   The Electric Car: How does it Work?

   Let us know first, how exactly works the simple DC & AC motors. See the next learning videos.


VIDEO 1. How does an Electric Motor work? (DC Motor)


VIDEO 2. How Electric Motors Work – 3-phase AC induction motor (AC Motor)


VIDEO 3. How does an Electric Car work?  The Secrets of TESLA “Model S”

  We are introducing a Tutorial Learning Video from The LearnEngineering, where the editors want to explain the Electric car principle, more specifically, The TESLA “MODEL S”.

 TESLA “MODEL S” – The World’s fastest accelerating car!

 Let us See the TESLA Model S P100D: this car needs only 2.28 seconds to accelerate from 0 to 60mph.

 Now, let’s see VIDEO 3. How does an Electric Car work?  The Secrets of TESLA “Model S”.

VIDEO Contents:

  • 0-0:52 min.  Introduction: A few words about The Electric Car – at all.
  • 0:53-1:03 min.  Ingredients:  The Batteries, The Induction Motor, Gears & Wheels, The Inverter System, Controlling System, etc.
  • 1:04-3:38 min. The Induction Motor or 0 – 18000 RPM:
    • First Invented By Nikola Tesla (1856-1943).
    • Stator – The Static part of the construction – includes Coils, a Ferromagnetic BODY, and pair of Bearings,
    • Rotor – The rotating part of the Motor – Includes the shaft and the Ferromagnetic Lamellas structure,
  • 3:39-3.57 min.  The conventional 4-cycle petrol engine & Induction Motor comparison. 
  • 3:58-6:14 min.  The Battery Pack.
  • 6:15-6:49 min. A Single-Speed Transmission.
  • 6:50 – 8:11 min. An Open Differential.
  • 8:12 min. Regenerative Braking. 

  The Invention of Induction (known also as a “brushless”) motor marks a great jump and advance into related technologies, at all.

  The Induction motor Benefits:

  Powerful, almost noiseless, there are no sparks, or Collector/Brushes wearing.  The minimal but wearing have only the mechanical parts – Bearing and gears.

  Easily and reliable frequency control:

  The Benchmark of an Induction Motor System depends mainly on two parameters: The Coil Work Current and the Frequency of applied AC Multi-phase Voltage.

  In the practice, the induction motor can reach easily from 0 – 18000 Rotations Per Minute / RPM, with only the AC frequency’s value manipulation – which means, in the Electric car there isn’t a need for any sophisticated transmissions. The Direction of rotation depends on only the phase’s order, in the time-related sequence.

  Compared to the conventional 4-cycle petrol engine, the Induction Motor has 10 times greater “moving” power per kilogram of its weight, or in other words, IM has 10 times more Power, than a Petrol engine with equal weights.

Battery Pack:

  If you think, there are a few batteries and a Motor and “voila”, you are wrong.

  For optimal thermal distribution and effective battery cooling, the Tesla-creating engineers are using another smart manner.

  They used multiple, standard Li-Ion Batteries, connected in Parallel and serially, with an air gap between a few serial groups, entering the liquid cooling system, creating a Detachable Battery Pack Module. The S-type Surrounding Cooling system Performs the best work for temperature distribution, extending the battery’s pack life. Each Battery Pack has Positive & Negative Electrodes and the Input & Output of a liquid cooling pipe system.  

  There is a total of 16 Battery packs with a total count of about 7000 Rechargeable Li-Ion Elements. This innovation makes possible the amazing stability of the TESLA Model S car with a very low, distributed center of gravity.

The Transmission:

 TESLA S Has a simple – Single Speed, non-switching Transmission:

 It has only one main goal: To Get the maximal, and Adequate Torque multiplying effect on Wheels.

 The Rear Wheel Rotation Direction is done by AC Voltage phase order manipulation.

Open Differential: 

 Tesla’s Engineers are Getting the maximal torque moment over the wheels via a Simple, Open, Non-LSD Differential.

The Safety:

 Safety on the road is guaranteed by Sophisticated Program Algorithms and Advanced Sensors via manipulating the Brakes over the skying wheel and many more torque and traction power at another wheel.

Regenerative braking:

  Another advantage of using the Induction Motor – IM is its ability, in certain conditions, to be a generator, or, to produce energy using the kinetic energy of movement. The car is using Kinetic Energy to do a Charge: the regenerative braking charge. The Brake function is fulfilled by the Induction Motor. The returned By IM Electrical energy is used to charge the Battery Packs. 

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 What Will Be The Next, Auto Enthusiasts?

Probably The Flying Transforming Car! Let’s See Unseen!

Just Like Mike Oldfield’s Lovely Song: Only Time Will Tell!



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