The Transistor’s Theory: Simple and Clear

  The Transistor’s Theory: Simple and Clear

  When we ask our little friend CPU Monkey to prepare a publication about Electronics Basics, she said, that she has been already preparing a few viral Videos in a way to improve visually the reception of information. 

  We think, it is undesirable, even unacceptable, in the age of such innovative and technological miracles to have people not familiar with the basics of electronics, which has led to huge advances today.


   Many older People in the Nice Eastern-Europe country – Bulgaria, are using strange synonymous for devices, where is, for the first time has been used the mentioned ingredient.

I’ll bring you two examples:

1. Where is the Battery? They have in mind the flashlight or Light torch device – The Old device with a 4.5 Volt 3-cell Flat Carbon battery with reflector and adequate [e.g.: 4.5V/ working voltage] tungsten/wolframite glass lamp.

2. Please, turn on the Transistor! They ask for switching on the AM, LW, or SW-Bands, later and the FM-Band terrestrial Radio Receiving Device.

   First Portable “Transistor” radio receiver has only a few germanium transistors. Even the Word “germanium” could create confusion: These Transistors have not necessarily been made in Germany – They only are using the Germanium chemical element to create a working semiconductive pair of junctions. PNP, NPN…

  What will happen, if, in a modern device description, they see: the CPU With 4.3 billion transistors – as you see, the misunderstood needs to be overcome. 


VIDEO 1. Link: World’s First Transistor Invented by Bell Telephone Laboratories – Dec 1947


VIDEO 2.  Transistor Theory


VIDEO 3. Introduction to Bipolar Junction Transistors (BJT)


VIDEO 4.  Transistors, How do they work?


VIDEO 5.  Bipolar Junction Transistor – BJT


VIDEO 6.  Transistors


VIDEO 7.  Electronics 101: Bipolar Junction Transistors


VIDEO 8.  Transistors – Electronics Basics


  We can say, the Transistor, with Capital “T”, is the gigantic, related to its purpose, little, small or Large electronic component for discovering of who, we can only be thankful.

   To Amplify the small level signal – voltage or current, to a necessarily useful level point, are enough to use simple – or not so simple electronic schematics, based on a usage of active devices: Transistors and passive components: Resistors, Capacitors, etc. 

  Dear our valuable readers – we will be so proud, if you already know, what does the transistor is, and how does it work.

  We wish you to be Healthy and Happy!


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Believe In Your Possibilities, Dear Hardware Enthusiasts!



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