LEGO 17101: The Boost Creative Toolbox Toy BY LEGO

  LEGO 17101: The Boost Creative Toolbox Toy BY LEGO

  Today we are paying attention to our “small age auditory” – the future, new modern technologies developers.   

  The Entertainment Constructor Kit allows the children, even mature people to improve their creativity in process of constructing.

  The manufacture’s designers have identified 5 different images or heroes, who can be made from LEGO 17101 KIT. 

  No wonder, if namely, the children are discovering more and more Heroes with amazing shapes and richly of possibilities  Robots Transformers, using their “at birth” natural intelligence.


VIDEO 1.  LEGO Boost (17101) Designer Video

VIDEO 2.  LEGO 17101 Boost ToolBox – ALL 5 BUILDS! 

PIC. 1  LEGO 17101: Boost Creative Toolbox Toy

LEGO 17101: Boost Creative Toolbox Toy – Parameters:

  • One Best Gift for 7+ aged, 
  • A perfect way for improving the children’s creativity,
  • Wireless Connectivity:
    • Bluetooth, 
  • Count of Pieces: 847,
  • Sensors:
    • Distance measuring,
    • Color sensitive, 
  • Required Batteries:
    • Size AA – 4 pcs.
  • Manufacturer’s Recommended minimal user’s age: 7 Year,  
  • Software: See the Link on the page bottom,
  • Awards – Best of CES 2017 – WIRED, 
  • Dimensions:
    • 54cm x 9.1cm x 28.2cm
  • Weight:
    • 1.4kg.

  Creativity for young constructors – boys or girls is powered by Moving HUB, color sensitive and distance Sensors, and also Bluetooth connectivity for many tablet applications.

PIC. 2  LEGO 17101 – all Models Vision

PIC. 3  ToolBox Rear Side

The Five Heroes / Models have their own names: 

  • VERNIE – the robot:
    • The cute talking Robot.
    • It is over 25cm tall.
  • FRANKIE – the cat:
    • Lovely cat,
    • Height: over 15cm.
  • GUITAR4000:
    • Dimensions: 40cm x 13cm x 2.5cm,
  • AUTO Builder:
    • Dimensions: 15cm x 18cm x 26cm,
  • M.T.R. 4:
    • Dimensions: 10cm x 23cm x 13cm,

PIC. 4 Guitar 4000


PIC. 5  M.T.R.4  Self-moving Machine.




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Never Stop Thinking Positively and You Will Discover The Beauty, Dear Little Explorers!



VIDEO 3.  World’s longest LEGO great ball contraption – Brickworld, Chicago



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