Echo PLUS Wireless Speaker With Built-In Smart Home Hub

 Echo PLUS Wireless speaker with built-in smart Home Hub

  Today we will follow the newest 2nd Generation Echo PLUS By AMAZON

  The improvements are including an integration of ZigBee’s Smart Home HUB, Speech capturing engine with better any direction audio response, also the impressive Dolby powered much better sound reconstruction.


VIDEO 1. Introducing New Echo PLUS: The Wireless Speaker with Smart Home HUB


PIC. 1   AMAZON Echo PLUS Wireless speaker & HUB

Echo PLUS Wireless speaker – Key Features:

  • Clean and Minimalistic Design,
  • Integrated ZigBee Smart Home HUB, 
  • Alexa Cloud-Based Voice Service compatible, 
  • Audio:
    • 2.5-inch Low & Midrange Woofer – Speaker,
    • 0.8-inch High-Frequency Speaker – Tweeter.
  • Speech recognition:
    • 2nd Generation Echo has Improved spherical diagram of speech recognition. 
    • Microphones: Properly entering the voice command is provided by 7 different microphones:
      • One on the TOP, and another 6 with 60-degree step each other, radially placed, 
  • Wireless Connectivity:
    • Bluetooth, 
  • Colors:
    • White,
    • Silver,
    • Black.
  • Dimensions:
    • 23.5cm x 8.4cm x 8.4cm,
  • Weight:
    • 0.954 kg.

Amazing sound directly from Dolby:

  Wireless Speaker System uses 2.5-inch bottom-firing woofer and 0.8-inch tweeter for immersive sound reconstruction.

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VIDEO 2.  Amazon Echo – Tutorial and Basic Setup

VIDEO 3.  How To Setup And Use The Amazon Echo Dot And Most Alexa Devices

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