Fusion: 360-Degree Waterproof Action Camera By GoPro

  GoPro Fusion 360: 360 Degree Waterproof Action Camera By GoPro

  As you already realize, the Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality is coming…

  The Reality Industry is generating a dramatic growth in the current 2017.

  There are Amazing VR Goggles for immersive visual experience and a lot of clips and 360 movies.

  Now is the exact moment to say, you are ready to Go – or even higher, to “GoPro”, as create your own 360-degree video content.

  Let’s we introducing the newly FUSION 360 Camera By GoPro


VIDEO 1. GoPro FUSION 360 Camera – Preview


PIC. 1  GoPro FUSION 360 Action Camera – The Compact 4K Waterproof Camera

This Small 4K Camera have the gigantic opportunities, given – namely, by Dual Overlapped sensors and Lens pairs to immersive 360-degree VR

   This 360-Degree Over-Capturing Magician has to record the user’s 360-degree Video from such a separate plan like an invisible levitating operator is carrying for all recording procedure.

GoPro FUSION – Key Features:

  • Modern & Cleaned Design,
  • Dust, Shock, and Waterproof,
  • Resolution: 5.2K At 30 FPS Spherical 360-Degree Video,
  • 360-Degree Still Images,
  • Two Lens has Slightly displaced Axis, 
  • Spatial Audio Recording for full Spherical Sound Reconstruction,
  • Informative Screen, 
  • Red LED Indicator visualizing a Recording Status,
  • Hatched Rubber Frame, 
  • Ergonomic placed Buttons, 


GoPro VR

VIDEO 2. GoPro VR: This Is Fusion in 5K 

See the GoPro Overcapturing Technology:

VIDEO 3.  GoPro: Meet Fusion and Relive Reality


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