WH-1000XM2: The Noise-Canceling Winner By SONY

 WH-1000XM2: The Noise-Canceling Winner By SONY

  The tons of Superlative Words are already written. The Competition between a couple of leaders in OVER-Ear Headphones Sector is now leading By SONY’s newest Creation.

  Exclusively Adaptive Noise-Cancellation, Immersive & Realistic Sound Reconstruction, Minimalistic Design With Gesture Touch Control.

  Let’s Introduce  SONY WH-1000XM2 – Minimalistic Design & Maximal Noise-Canceling Levels and Exact Sound Reproduction.

PIC. 1  WH-1000XM2 -The Absolutely Superb Headphones By SONY

  Let’s See the Basic Benefits of this Completely Unique Noise-canceling headphones By SONY:

SONY WH-1000XM2 – Key Features:

  • With SONY WH-1000XM2 You will get the Breathtaking Noise-Free Full-Immersive Acoustic Experience,
  • Impressive Over-Ear Headphones,
  • Minimalistic and Clear Afsoutely Fashionable Design,
  • Derma-Neutral and Genuine Materials are used in Device Body And Exterior, 
  • PlayBack: Class-Leading maximum 30 hours of BT Playback,
  • Nearly 40 Hours Playback without Noise Canceling Mechanism,
  • World’s finest & Industry-leading Noise-Cancellation Algorithms,
  • Adaptive Gesture Algorithm & Hardware,
  • Control:
    • Smart Touch Control,
    • User Can choose and switch between an ambient and Noise-Canceling Mode,
  • High-Resolution Audio file formats are Supported,
  • Wireless Connectivity:
    • Bluetooth, NFC.
  • Dimensions:
    • 2.92″ x 7.29″ x 9.81″ – inches,
    • 7.5cm x 18.5cm x 24.9cm.
  • Weight:
    • 0.61 lb,
    • 277 g.

  If You are already handling the device, you probably now realize, that you are fall in love with this, an Immersive Sound Reconstruction “Sculptor”.

  SONY WH-1000XM2 Over-Ear Hi-Fi Headphones allows The User’s Listening Experience to be upgraded to the next Level, via using the newest, Adaptive Noise Canceling hardware & Supporting SW algorithm.

  As we like to say, the manufacturer’s innovations aren’t stopping here.

  SONY WH1000XM2 Has 50% more battery Life than the competitors into its class.

  Touching Control With Adaptive Gesture Functionality. System Supporting High Resolution – Hi-RES Audio Files with Wireless Playback.



VIDEO 1.  SONY WH1000X M2 Active Noise Canceling




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