Hololens: A Stand-Alone Holographic Computer By Microsoft

  Hololens: A Stand-Alone Holographic Computer By Microsoft

  Almost two years after their first announcement, then the holographic glasses were available only for developers from U.S.A. and Canada.  Very Soon, the Hololens will be available for corporate clients and developers in newly 28 countries.


VIDEO 1.  Microsoft HoloLens: Mixed Reality Blends Holograms with the Real World

PIC. 1  Microsoft HoloLens – The advanced Personal Stand-alone Holographic Computer

AMAZON.CO.UK Affiliate Link: Microsoft HoloLens

Stand-alone Holographic Computer

  The Hololens is an independent, stand-alone Holographic Computer with Microsoft Windows 10 Operating System. 

  The Glasses are astonishing Augmented and Mixed Reality Supporting Tool. It Realy Helps in work with three-dimensional objects on a professional Level.

  Microsoft HoloLens can short the distance. Many people are working distant in co-projects with another single team persons.

  Hololens and Mixed Reality is allowing differently situated people to talk about the professional tasks, independently, from the thousands of miles distance.


Elegant, comfortable and Powerful Design

  Microsoft mentions the computing power inside the glasses is more than the regular, even the middle statistic laptop. 


Mechanical Adjustment

  The Differences related to a human’s heads size aren’t a problem, because of an Adjustable FIT feature.


Spatial Sound

  The Hololens Has integrated multiple speakers, allowing the user to descend into the immersive 3D dimensional Spatial Sound.


Expensive Project

  We need to say, the product is very expensive right now. But, for rich, enthusiastic developing persons and large corporative customers, virtually, aren’t a problem a few thousands of pounds.


To check the actual Hololens’ price into the AMAZON UK Online Store, use the link below:

AMAZON.CO.UK Affiliate Link: Microsoft HoloLens – The advanced Personal Stand-alone Holographic Computer


  The Possibilities Arent’s top here. If you are IT Developer, You can get the Microsoft SDK – Software Development Kit, here: Direct Microsoft Link:


VIDEO 2. Microsoft HoloLens: Setting Up Your Holographic Development Environment


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