Gear Sport And Gear Icon X2 By Samsung

  Samsung Gear Sport & Samsung GEAR IconX 2

   Today we will point your focus on two newly released devices.
   The wireless in-ear Headphones are a perfect way listening to music without needs to take out your BT Streaming device. In our case, it can be as the smartphone and a “wearing” smartwatch gear.
   Now, we will introduce a newly announced Samsung’s Smart Earbuds Gear Icon X2,

  1.  Samsung GEAR ICON X2 – Wearless EARBUDS  

  Listening with pleasure:

Samsung Gear Icon X2 – Key Features:

  • Extremely Light and comfortable to wear design, 
  • Special carrying & charging enclosure, 
  • Simple touch-pad control interface:
    • Single Tap: Play or pause track, 
    • Double Tap: Play next track or in Handsfree call for Answer or end call,
    • Triple Tap: Back / Play previous file,
    • Tap + Hold: Reject Call, 
    • Double Tap + Hold: Manages Playlist:  Plays Next Playlist,
  • Swipe Up or down – Increase Volume or Decrease Volume,  
  • Voice Command From a Device: Use it as a Standalone Running Coach,
  • Batteries Lifespan:
    • Up to 7 hours of playback,
    • Quick Charge: When the batteries are semi-discharged, 10-minute charge gives an additional one hour of listening,
  • Three different wingtips: S, M, L – sizes,
  • Three different in-ear tips: S, M, L – sizes,
  • Plenty of Colors: Available in White, Pink, Blue, Black, etc.



   Smartwatch manufacturing niches are accepted so dramatic growth last years, so there are many happy users of those wonderful wearing gadgets.

  Heart rate measurement, Burnt calories calculator, speed/acceleration metering, counting your steps – pedometer, GPS tracker, etc.

  Now, let’s introduce a newly announced smartwatch Gear Sport Serie member from Samsung.

Impressive Lightweight design, inspirational features, Wireless Audio Streaming,

 2.  Samsung Gear Sport – Your Next Smartwatch!

Samsung Gear Sport – Key Features:

  • Practical, Minimalistic, modern and ergonomic design,
  • Waterproof up to 50m,
  • Built-In GPS
  • New Spotify offline support Feature,
  • New Swim tracking Feature,
  • Colors: Available in Blue and Black.


VIDEO 1.  How to get started with the Gear Sport

PIC. 2  New release Samsung Gear Sport – Blue


PIC. 3  Smartwatch Body – Bottom Side View

You can see the used heart-rate measuring technique

PIC. 4  New Release: Samsung Gear Sport Smartwatch – Side View 


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