FiiO X7 Mark II: X7 2nd Generation DAP By FiiO

  FiiO X7 Mark II: X7 2nd Generation DAP By FiiO

  As is evident lately, the thematic to “DSD High-Resolution DAP” players has a growing interest. 

  The market is overcrowded with significant and valuable items and their bad made imitations.

  Today we will talk about the Original lossless music player.

  Let’s see the X7’s second Generation DAP By FiiO

  Good or nothing will be exactly to say for this amazing niche product.

  You probably couldn’t see any negative comments about this successful device.

2nd Generation FiiO X7

The all-new ERA for lossless music players…

PIC. 1 FiiO X7ii – X7 Mark II – No compromise Quality 


FiiO X7 MarkII – Key Features:

  • 2nd Generation of successful lossless music player,
  • Professional DAC: 
    • ESS ES9028PRO 8-channel Output DAC,
    • Ultra Low Distortion Audio-Output, 
  • Dual microSD Extention slots: non-available even for more TOP-Grade audiophile models on the market, 
  • Scalable of upgradable Multi-Module design:
  • Equipped with all new – AM3A amplifier module, 
  • Balanced and unbalanced / single-ended audio output, 
  • Audio Files:
    • WAV, FLAC, ALAC,
    • APE, WMA, MP3, OGG,
  • Masstorage Monster:
  • Built-In 64GB Flash Memory:
    • A device is capable to carry an amazing 576GB total storage Memory,
    • Expanding is possible when are using simultaneously two microSD cards in dual extension slots with capacity: up to 256GB each,
  • High perfection, low-jitter Basic frequency oscillators: for great results and rock solid sampling rates:
    • 44.1kHz, 48kHz & 384kHz,

VIDEO 1. Useful Video for DACs, Samplerates and how to use the audio files


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Never Stop Rediscovering The Completly New Nuances In All Valuable Music, Dear Audiophiles!



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