LCR-Reader-MP: New Multipurpose Meter By LCR-Reader

 LCR-Reader-MP: New Multipurpose Meter By LCR-Reader

 The Tweezers! These very functional and precise supporting instruments are found their place in almost everyone niche of science, technologies, and technic.

 Today, we have a good news for Hobbyists and electronics enthusiasts, especially for those, who are carrying whole “hardware laboratories in their bags”. Soldering irons, Wire cutters, Pliers, Multimeters, Screwdriver’s KITs, electronic & mechanical components, Wires, etc.

 The Device isn’t very cheap, but it has a reasonable price for such multipurpose professional Compact measuring tool. 

  Let we present the newest LCR-Reader Product: LCR-Reader-MP.


You also can see the device’s introducing Video:

VIDEO 1.  The Ultimate PCB Debugging Tool: LCR Reader MP Introduction

LCR-Reader-MP  Tweezers – Key Features:

  • Cute and compact design, 
  • Using the tweezers’ advantage easily to pick the measured component tips,
  • Easy Replaceable Metallic Tips:
    • 1 pair straight and 1 pair comfortably angled tips,
  • Automatic Measurement of L-C-R, 
  • Equivalent Serial Resistance, 
  • Accuracy { Basic }:
    • Better than 0.1%, 
    • Down to 0201 sizes or 0.3mm length of tested component, 
  • Device Generates:
    • 12 different Test Signals from 50Hz to 100kHz, 
  • Device Measures:
    • Inductance:
    • Capacitance – Up to 680mF,
    • Resistance,
    • AC/DC Voltage Measurement – Up to 15V, 
    • Active and reactive impedance measurement,
    • Frequency, Period & Duty Cycles:
      • maximum: 400 kHz/ 2.5uS, 0-100%, 
    • Diodes:
      • Polarity -> A-C Leads Check,
      • Voltage Drop: Uforward  Measurement,
      • PN-Junction Working State verification,
    • Light Emitting Diodes – LEDs:
      • Light Emitting Test and Voltage Drop Measurement,
    • Visualize Periodically signals – Oscilloscope Mode:
      • Frequency and periodical signals under 100 kHz can be visualized and measured,
  • Built-in Li-Ion Rechargeable Battery, 
  • USB Cable for charging – Included, 
  •  Weight:
    • 60g,
    • 2 oz.


 The Newer Model LCR-Reader-MP guarantees a more precise measurement than its predecessors.

Hardware Designers are improved in-circuit measurement ability. They are adding into LCR-Reader-MP an auto sense algorithm, followed by automatic decreasing the stimuli’s signals amplitude to max 0.1V – non-clamping to the IC’s Pin’s protective PN-junction or N/N+ Schottky diodes.

Oscilloscope Mode:

 The Device has already supported an Oscilloscope Visualizing function!

 This small but Smart Device now can be used as oscilloscope in a frequency range from DC – up to 100 kHz. 


Don’t Be Afraid To Take This Measuring Station In Your Hands,

Dear Electricians, Professionals, Hobbyists and Hardware Enthusiasts!